Naruto and the rest of Team 7 arrive at Fortnite

Epic Games announces that Naruto Uzumaki and the rest of Team 7 are now available in Fortnite. In addition to the outfits of the popular characters from the hit anime Naruto Shippuden by Masashi Kishimoto, other content such as accessories, a creative hub or loading screens will be added to Fortnite. Naruto Uzumaki, the most … Read more

Crossover with “Naruto” started in Fortnite – Igromania

V Fortnite the crossover started with Narutowithin which appeared themed skins, items, emotions and so on. In honor of the next collaboration, the authors published a thematic promo video, in which Naruto and the rest of the participants Teams 7 trying to eat quietly, but their meal is interrupted by an attack from a Fortnite … Read more

Fortnite confirms its collaboration with Naruto Shippuden for this month – Kudasai

On the official Twitter account for the video game developed and distributed by Epic Games, Fortnite, the next collaboration with the multimedia franchise of Naruto shippuden. The collaboration will begin within the servers from next November 16, although the details about this next event were not revealed. On the other hand, Naruto is a manga … Read more

Jump Force to Shut Down Online Servers and End Digital Sales in Feb. Next Year

It became sad news for the When Bandai Namco has announced that it will shut down its online server Jump Force Including ending the sale of digital channels as well. In the beginning, it was announced in the Americas, Europe zone first, while on the home side, we would have to win again. … Read more

Rock Lee escaped from Naruto and came to WWE with a cosplay

– Oct 31, 2021 – 02:17:00 PM Outside the members of the Team 7 from Naruto, and from his teacher, Kakashi-sensei, many fans of the series are likely to be fans of Rock Lee. He is one of the most beloved characters in the series and the only one to have separate manga and anime. … Read more

Fortnite could introduce Naruto as a playable character | Epic Games | Videogames | SPORTS-PLAY

Fortnite Battle Royale has started introducing various external characters to the game’s story in the latest patch. The last to be presented was Chapulín Colorado, who will officially reach the Epic Games title on November 1. The popular Mexican superhero will lend his red suit to the different Fortnite characters. As well as, Epic Games … Read more

This mobile wallpaper is irresistible for any Naruto follower

Among the anime and manga sagas that have marked a before and after in Japanese culture in recent years we find several names among which is Naruto, a series that, despite having ended years ago, continues to talk regardless of its sequel, which stars his son Boruto. Be that as it may, that the anime … Read more

The Naruto Retsuden series will finally officially arrive in America

– Oct 10, 2021 – 02:14:00 PM Yes OK Naruto he is best known for his manga and anime, with the passage of time it has expanded to other media. One of them is that of novels, such as those of Naruto Retsuden, which are considered as a derivative of the main series. The idea … Read more

Viral Netizens Pray for Naruto, Young Ustadz Confused: What is this? Ask, O Allah

The viral video of Ustadz commenting on netizens praying for Naruto was spread to social media. The viral video of Ustadz commenting on netizens praying for Naruto was spread to social media. – Viral netizens pray for Naruto, Cartoon character anime. A chaplain Young people are confused and feel sad. Video viral Ustadz netizen … Read more