The SpaceX Dragon spacecraft returns to Earth technology

An unmanned SpaceX Cargo Dragon spacecraft has returned off the coast of Florida, returning from the International Space Station (ISS) with a variety of science experiments on board. The craft returned in the ocean near Cape Canaveral, completing the 25th cargo mission to the International Space Station conducted by SpaceX. Cargo Dragon has been on … Read more

NASA intends to turn the sun into a giant telescope to study other worlds

Observing exoplanets directly is very difficult. If an alien being 100 light-years away from us wants to see Earth at a single pixel size, it will need a telescope with a primary lens of 90 kilometers in diameter. But there is a way to see the small exoplanets without the need for these impossible telescopes, … Read more

NASA observatory captures an amazing solar eclipse from space

NASA has some really amazing tools in hand for observing the sun, and one of them spotted the moon passing in front of the sun in a gorgeous partial eclipse seen from space. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory monitors the sun twenty-four hours a day. At least he watched the sun in this way last week, … Read more

An asteroid three times larger than a blue whale is approaching Earth

NASA reports that an asteroid is three times larger than the blue whale It will pass Earth on Monday, June 6, at a speed of more than 26 thousand km / h. The asteroid, called 2021 GT2, is expected to safely pass our planet from a distance of more than 3.5 million kilometers (2.2 million … Read more

Report: Viruses could exist elsewhere in the universe but would not pose a threat

As humanity continues its search for life in the universe, Paul Davies, a theoretical physicist and astrobiologist, says that we should expect to find viruses if extraterrestrials are present, and the director of the Beyond Center at Arizona State University added: Viruses In fact, part of the web of life.” According to the British newspaper, … Read more

NASA’s Preservation probe extracts first sample of Martian rocks

NASA’s Preserve Mars rover team announced Thursday that it has successfully drilled and extracted a sample of the first rock on Mars. A September 1 image from NASA of the strangely shaped, long, dusty Martian rock showed a circular hole. NASA extracts the first sample of Martian rocks NASA said that the initial images received … Read more