NASA’s Perseverance rover finds a tangled object on Mars

NASA rover has discovered a mysterious string-like substance on the surface of Mars. Turns out – it was probably just trash thrown away by the rover itself. from Last week’s blog post by the Space AgencyWhen the rover initially landed on Mars in February 2021, an instrument known as the entry, descent, and landing (EDL) … Read more

Amazing! This is an image of a star cluster that was successfully captured by NASA’s Hubble Telescope

Image of a star cluster captured by NASA’s Hubble Telescope / Wion News JAKARTA, Space Telescope James Webb has made headlines for the brilliant pictures it has taken of the universe. The images, taken with the help of infrared images on a telescope, have provided a brilliant data set for scientists to decode a … Read more

This is how NASA’s satellite will work to explore water on the Moon | News

NASA’s CubeSat for the exploration of water on the moon is ready to travel to its orbit. About the size of a shoebox, the data from the Lunar IceCube will have a major impact on scientific understanding of the Moon. The satellite is integrated into the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and will be part … Read more

[POPULER SAINS] NASA’s Perseverance Mars Aims for Landing Debris | Perseid Meteor Shower Peak | Viral Video of Elementary School Children’s Hair Cut by Teacher All – Photo Perseverance NASA who was aiming for the rubble at its landing site at planet Mars be one popular news Science throughout Wednesday (10/8/2022). NASA’s Perseverance, first lands on the surface Mars on February 18, 2021. The Perseverance rover landing debris shot turned out to be quite a lot. The team has recorded … Read more

NASA’s Moon Ice Cube – Moon Observation Cubes Ready To Launch Artemis

door Catherine Schauer en Danny Bird, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center8 augustus 2022 Illustration of a lunar ice cube in orbit controlling lunar ice. Credit: Morehead State University moon ice cubes[{” attribute=””>NASA’s water-scouting CubeSat, is now poised to hitch a ride to lunar orbit. Although it is not much bigger than a shoe box, Lunar … Read more

Is There Something Like Spaghetti On Mars? This is NASA’s opinion

Surabaya ( – There is always something new to be discovered in space research. Like recent findings, a noodle-shaped object appears on the surface of Mars. Is there a spaghetti restaurant there? Reported from discovery of a yellow spaghetti-shaped object on the plains of the Red Planet has also been identified by NASA. The … Read more

NASA’s Artemis 1 Mission Brings Shaun The Sheep Doll to the Moon – NASA targets to launch the Artemis 1 mission to the moon after the SLS (Space Launch System) rocket refueling test was carried out on June 20, 2022. In an interview with Ars Technica, Jim Free, associate administrator with NASA’s Exploration Systems Development program, said his team was preparing for the launch of Artemis … Read more

At least 100,000 people expected for NASA’s launch to the Moon

MELBOURNE, FLORIDA, EEUU — Sold out hotels. Emotion that seems to grow day by day. The potential for hundreds of thousands of visitors, support staff and more. These are just a few of the factors being calculated in preparations for Artemis I, the first launch of NASA’s Space Launch System rocket focused on the Moon, … Read more