CES proposes to end “gold” visas to help Portuguese have more babies | Birth

Relate the “visas” gold” and fiscal support for non-habitual residents with birth problems might sound strange. But the explanation is simple: those measures made housing prices soar, which made it impossible for many young adults to leave their parents’ home and start their own family. The end of that support is thus one of the … Read more

Filling up with gasoline costs 7% of the average salary

Pedro Araújo Yesterday at 07:03 Portuguese have to spend 7% of their average net salary to fill a 50 liter tank. Gasoline soared 17% and diesel 18% in 2021. The bill for liquid fuels has increased over the last year. Gasoline was 17% more expensive and diesel 18%. To pay a deposit of 50 liters … Read more

Materials crisis will worsen housing price and is already delaying works | Housing

In the throes of a period of nearly eight consecutive years of uninterrupted price increases, marked by a demand to which the offer cannot respond, the housing market is preparing to accommodate one more factor that will weigh on sales values: the crisis in materials and the consequent accelerated increase in construction costs. As at … Read more