The first of the three flights that will bring vaccines from Sinopharm – Télam arrives

The “Operation Beijing” will bring to the country the third million vaccines of the four that Argentina bought from Sinopharm. A total of 384 thousand vaccines against the coronavirus will arrive this Sunday in the country from China on an Aerolneas Argentinas flight. This is the first of three trips started towards the Asian country … Read more

Bigger and brighter, this is how the “Supermoon” looked on its second night – Télam

This moon marks the beginning of Passover for Judaism and Christianity The first full Moon after the winter equinox – the time in the year when the day and night have the same duration because the Sun is over the Equator – also called “Supermoon” or “Worm Moon”, it can be seen with greater brightness. … Read more

Anmat authorized the Sinopharm vaccine in those over 60 years – Télam

Sinopharm Vaccine Emergency Authorization Announced For Adults Over 60 Years Old The Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, announced that the National Administration of Medicines and Medical Technology (Anmat) recommended to the ministry in charge of authorizing the emergency use of the Sinopharm vaccine against the coronavirus in the group of over 60 years. In this … Read more

Putin was vaccinated with the first dose against the coronavirus – Télam

The Russian president gets vaccinated this Tuesday President Vladimir Putin was vaccinated against the coronavirus, the Kremlin reported, although neither images of the moment were shared nor was it specified with which of the three vaccines registered in Russia the president was inoculated. The Kremlin spokesman, Dmitri Peskov, indicated that “which specific vaccine was chosen” … Read more

What are the 20 vaccines that are in the last phase of trials – Télam

Some 5,000 volunteers have been immunized with Sovereign 02 since the final stage of testing began. Vaccines often require years of research and testing before reaching the public in massive numbers, but the rapidity with which the coronavirus spread around the world required solutions at the same speed and beyond the inoculants already being administered … Read more

Episcopate: “The exercise of any form of violent repression cannot be accepted” – Télam

Monsignor Oscar Ojea heads the Executive Commission of the Argentine Episcopal Conference. The Executive Commission of the Argentine Episcopal Conference (CEA) argued that “the exercise of any form of violent repression against citizens who demand the full validity of their human and social rights cannot be accepted,” in relation to the protests that occurred this … Read more

A neuropsychiatric ward is closed and patients live in collective hostels – Télam

The closure of the ward and the discharge of the patients was carried out within the framework of the demanicomialization program The Buenos Aires government closed a ward of the neuropsychiatric “Domingo Cabred” of Lujn and the 60 patients now live in collective hostels of the hospital itself that had been abandoned, official sources reported. … Read more

The distribution of new doses of the Sinopharm vaccine began throughout the country – Télam

Vizzotti defined last week that the amount of vaccines delivered to each province, which began to arrive last Monday, has the character of public information and under guidelines of “total transparency.” The national government today began the distribution of 406,800 doses of the Sinopharm vaccine throughout the country, which could be used as the first … Read more

The first of the two Airlines flights that will bring more vaccines arrived in Moscow – Télam

The flights are in charge of 10 crew members, between pilots and co-pilots The first of the two Aerolneas Argentinas flights that departed Friday night from Ezeiza airport to load new doses of the Sputnik V vaccine against the coronavirus arrived in Moscow this noon. The Airbus 330-200, registration LV-GIF, landed at Sheremtievo airport at … Read more

Aerolineas Argentinas will bring one million doses of the Sinopharm vaccine from China – Télam

Flight AR1050 decol at 13 from Ezeiza. Aerolneas Argentinas will bring a million doses of the Sinopharm vaccine from China on a flight that left this afternoon for Beijing and that He has his return scheduled for next Thursday, before midnight. Itinerary The Airbus 330-200, registration LV-GIF, with the AR1050 nomination, took off at 13:08 … Read more