Watch live “women’s volleyball” Thai national team wins South Korea in the Nations League 2022 battle

watch live Wed 29 Jun. “Women’s Volleyball” Thai national team have a competitive program Volleyball Nations League 2022 VNL2022 in bulgaria Week 3, field 3 by Thai national team Doing work in the first field or week 1, compete in Turkey Performance at that time, the Thai national team won 3, lost 1, the second … Read more

The voice of the United Nations. The catastrophe becomes a fact. Its signs are everywhere – o2

The Global News portal reports that Antonio Guterres pointed to the disruption of the global supply chain as the main cause of the impending crisis. Before the outbreak of the war, Ukraine was not only an important source of agricultural produce, but also, inter alia, fertilizers that went even to other continents. The world is … Read more

RTB joins forces with SteelSeries to launch Arctis Nova Pro gaming headphones at the ACE Gamer booth at the PUBG NATIONS CUP 2022 event.

RTB Technology Company Limited A major importer and distributor of gadgets in Thailand. and is a distributor of gaming gear under the brand SteelSeries World-leading gaming peripherals Launches the latest gaming headset in the family. Arctis Nova Pro market, outstanding as the first headphones of SteelSeries who have adopted the system Parametric EQ Pro level … Read more

Team UK wins the PUBG Nations Cup 2022

Amsterdam, Netherlands – On Sunday, June 19, 2022, Team United Kingdom defeated 15 other teams to be crowned the PUBG Nations Cup (PNC) 2022 Champion at ICONSIAM in Bangkok, Thailand. The team – consisting of Alex “vard” Gouge, Christopher “Fexx” Wheddon, Luke “TeaBone” Crafer, Michael “mykLe” Wake and trainer Justin “MiracU” McNally – took first … Read more

SteelSeries unveils Arctis Nova Pro headphones at PUBG NATIONS CUP 2022

RTB joins forces with SteelSeries, a world-class e-sports player from the FazeClan team, launches Arctis Nova Pro gaming headphones at the ACE Gamer booth at the event of PUBG NATIONS CUP 2022. RTB Technology Company Limited A major importer and distributor of gadgets in Thailand. and is a distributor of gaming gear under the brand … Read more

Volley Nations League: poker Italy, also beats Brazil

The beaten and the wall of the blue smash the hosts, vice Olympic champions. A week without defeats for Mazzanti’s team Italy changes formation again for this last match of the Brasilia grouping in the Nations League. Malinov in the direction, Egonu opposite, Bosetti and Degradi crushers and central Bonfacio-Lubian. It is precisely the central … Read more

Latvian national football team wins Liechtenstein with fourth victory in a row in the League of Nations / Article

Vladislavs Gutkovskis nominated the Latvian national team in the 20th minute of the match. Eight minutes later, he was also the second goal scorer, and during the break the players of the national team could go with a comfortable two-goal advantage. No goals were scored in the second half. It should be reminded that the … Read more

Essentials, losers and winners: the bulletin of the Red Devils after the Nations League and five months before the World Cup in Qatar

We got into Martinez’s head: here is his record after the four Nations League games. Those who tended to consider the four League of Nations games as end-of-season friendly games were very mistaken. The 30 selected have gained and lost credit with Roberto Martinez, who must already have a list of 26 in mind for … Read more

Nations League: Germany beat Italy on a historic night

Germany inflicted a heavy loss on its guest, Italy, to end the historical knot by achieving the first official victory in 10 matches during which it failed to win. Thomas Muller celebrates scoring Germany’s third goal against Italy Yesterday, Tuesday, the German national team achieved a historic victory over its guest Italy, by sweeping it … Read more

Fifth defeat of volleyball players in Nations League, despite sudden revival

The volleyball players are still empty-handed in the Nations League. The Netherlands also drew the short straw in the fifth game, in a game against Germany in which there were enough opportunities to turn the tide (1-3). The Orange was not involved in the first two sets (25-20, 25-19), but Fleur Savelkoel in particular got … Read more