The US Supreme Court rejected a lawsuit against Germany for a million dollar collection of art that fell into the hands of the Nazis

The Guelph Treasury, one of the most important collections of medieval sacred art in the world (AFP)The United States Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected a Lawsuit from heirs of Nazi-era Jewish art dealers, seeking compensation from Germany for a collection of medieval art treasures. The court unanimously ruled that Germany had sovereign immunity in US … Read more

Sebastián Borensztein, from cinema to literature: tango, Nazis and methamphetamine in a novel that reconstructs the 1940s

Sebastián Borensztein (Photo: Santiago Saferstein)In Montevideo, Uruguay, Sebastián Borenstein he travels the city with his work team. Search locations for an Amazon series that starts filming in just a few days. “It’s a pretty big project, but I can’t tell you more. Until Amazon makes the official announcement I can’t ”, he tells Infobae Culture … Read more

“Thank you for protecting me from the Nazis” left a legacy of 2.7 billion in a French village

Before the death of a 90-year-old Austrian man, it was belatedly known that he had donated a large sum to a village in France that protected him and his family from Nazi persecution. Le Chambonne, a small French village, was a village that protected Jews from the Nazis. Jewish children hiding from persecution. [르 샹봉 … Read more

Austrian left € 2 million to a commune in France, whose residents hid his family from the Nazis

Jewish refugee Eric Schwam, who lived most of his life in Lyon, bequeathed € 2 million to the commune of Chambon-sur-Lignon in France. In his will, he wrote that this was a gratitude to its residents who sheltered him with his mother in 1943. Austrian Jewish refugee Eric Schwam bequeathed a large sum to the … Read more

Putin wants to legally prohibit comparing the roles of the USSR and Germany in World War II

Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to amend the federal law “On perpetuating the victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.” Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the State Duma to develop a bill banning publicly identifying the roles of the USSR and Nazi Germany in World War II. About it reported … Read more

Schwarzenegger compared Trump supporters to Nazis

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger compared the mob that raided the Capitol to the Nazis and said Donald Trump is a failed leader who “will go down in history as the worst president ever.” In a video posted on social media on Sunday, the Republican declared that “Wednesday was the Night of Broken Glass right … Read more

Arnold Schwarzenegger compared the Proud Boys who follow Trump to the Nazis: “The assault on the Capitol was our Night of Broken Glass.”

Message from Arnold Schwarzenegger Three days after the violent incidents in the US Congress, the actor and former Republican governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, took to his Instagram account to give a message to Americans. Excited but firm, Schwarzenegger posted a video of almost 8 minutes in which analyzes the situation from his personal experience, … Read more

France Honors Six-Year-Old Boy Who Helped Fight Nazis | Global World Blog

Perhaps he was the youngest of the maquis, the guerrillas of the resistance to the German invasion of France. His name was Marcel Pinte, but his nickname and codename was Quinquin, an affectionate way of saying “little boy” in the Picardy dialect and also the title From an old song He was born in 1938. … Read more

Nazis València: A Nazi vigilante arrested with an arsenal in 2019 will be among the first to release the Valencian law against the glorification of the dictatorship

Vicente Casinos Garcés, nicknamed the Ugly, and detained in December of last year in the maritime towns of Valencia in possession of weapons, he is one of the first persons identified among the alleged offenders of the Law of Democratic Memory and for the Coexistence of the Country Valencià, after participating in the Spain 2000 … Read more