Dispute with Babacar Ngom: Ndingler claims all his land

The fact of obtaining authorization to cultivate for this wintering on the land of the CEO of the Sedima Group, Babacar Ngom, does not prevent the populations of the village of Ndingler from continuing to demand the total restitution of their land. Gathered through the Ndingler Land Monitoring and Assistance Committee (Csfap), these rural populations … Read more

Aly Ngouille Ndiaye obtains a temporary solution at Ndingler

A temporary solution has been proposed between Sedima and the populations of Ndingler. This will allow farmers to start their field work, at the start of wintering. Babacar NGOM made part of the land under its land title available to the people, representing around one hundred hectares. This is the temporary solution that the Minister … Read more