New research shows that COVID-19 negatively impacts memory function

COVID-19 may have a negative impact on short-term memory function, results of a new study have revealed. Researchers say memory function can recover over time, but those with ongoing COVID symptoms may continue to experience difficulties. The team, from Hull York Medical School, used an anonymous online survey that included a memory quiz that could … Read more

The severe restrictions to contain Covid are negatively affecting consumer and industrial activity in China

Chinese consumer spending contracted in October and factory activity slowed as restrictions imposed by the Chinese government under its zero COVID-19 policy increased. Retail sales fell 0.5% year-on-year and down from the 2.5% expansion seen in September, when millions of people were confined to their homes, government data showed on Tuesday. Growth in factory production … Read more

Antibiotics given in childhood negatively impact adult health STUDY

Antibiotics given in childhood can have a negative impact on the health of the gastric system in adults, he says a study published September 9 in The Journal of Physiology. Antibiotics have always been considered a double-edged sword: they are essential in certain conditions, but taken without a doctor’s recommendation can do more harm than … Read more

Global warming negatively affects heart health

Pay attention to the deadly effect of global warming! According to the studies of the American Heart Association (AHA), environments that prevent body heat from dissipating due to high heat create medical risks that can reach death for occupational groups such as military personnel, athletes and miners, while the heart is the leading organ to … Read more

Research: Climate news may negatively affect mental health

Research: Climate news may negatively affect mental health We highlight the negative impact that climate change news and extreme weather events may have on human mental health… How can climate news be consumed without psychologically harming the individual?

Be careful! Excessive carbohydrate consumption can negatively affect sleep

Pointing out that for a quality sleep, the duration of falling asleep is short, waking up less than 5 minutes, good sleep efficiency after falling asleep and 7-9 hours of sleep per day are necessary. Edanur Usta emphasized that a good sleep is also essential for general health and good mood. Usta emphasized that consuming … Read more

Russia loses heavy casualties in Ukraine, negatively affects army efficiency – Abroad – News – TVNET

The British military intelligence explains the massive loss of Russian officers by the fact that battalion and brigade commanders often go to the front lines, given the high level of personal responsibility for achieving their goals. On the other hand, junior officers are forced to command tactical activities on the battlefield in person due to … Read more

Mental health is negatively affected for a long time after severe covid-19

Prolonged mental illness after covid-19 occurs more often in those who have been more seriously ill and bedridden for seven days or more, than those who have had milder illness. Symptoms such as depression and anxiety persisted for up to 16 months after infection. People who had covid-19 disease reported to a greater extent that … Read more