Make a Geger !! Joan Mir and Alex Rins negotiating with Honda?! – Cakkkk… Suzuki’s withdrawal at the end of the upcoming 2022 season will likely create a domino effect in the transfer market for drivers. Yupss, of course, the Suzuki Ecstar Team racer duo still haven’t got a place to take shelter next season. However, HRC confirmed that it was in talks with Joan Mir … Read more

It is revealed that Bayern plans to talk to Lewandowski about the renewal of the player’s agent and is negotiating with Barcelona – yqqlm

Original title: It is revealed that Bayern plans to talk to Lewandowski about the renewal of the player’s agent and is negotiating with Barcelona On April 30, Beijing time, transfer writer Romano updated the transfer news of Polish striker Lewandowski. He said that Lewandowski is negotiating with Barcelona, ​​but his first task is to discuss … Read more

In Spain, they released recordings of Piqué negotiating a commission for the Super Cup

Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué negotiated a commission of 24 million euros (585 million crowns) for his company Kosmos for the Spanish Super Cup moving to Saudi Arabia. This is the result of several years old telephone conversations between him and the president of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, obtained by hackers and published in … Read more

His Talks With Putin Called Like Negotiating With Hitler, Macron Was Outraged

French President Emmanuel Macron went into a rage after his talks with Vladimir Putin were described as tantamount to negotiating with Hitler. (Source: Ludovic Marin, Pool via AP) PARIS, KOMPAS.TV – French President Emmanuel Macron was furious after his attempts to talk to Russian President Vladimir Putin were said to be negotiating with Hitler. It … Read more

Rinkevich: Russia must reach meaningful sitting at negotiating table and immediate end to war in Ukraine

Russia cannot go unpunished, so it is necessary to continue to provide all kinds of support to Ukraine so that it can protect its sovereignty, Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs (JV) emphasized at a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels today. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Foreign Ministry), the foreign ministers discussed … Read more

The Germans are negotiating with Ukrainians about possible security guarantees

“We are in talks with Ukraine about guarantees. Of course, we are talking about this, but in the necessary confidentiality, with Ukraine and other respondents, “Scholz said on Wednesday at the Bundestag. He added that the negotiations could not be specified now. However, the neutrality that Ukraine offers after the end of the Russian offensive … Read more

Germany is negotiating security guarantees with Ukraine. The Pope spoke about the weakness of the UN – CT24 – Czech Television

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz mentioned the secret talks with Kiev in the Bundestag. Berlin is negotiating with the Ukrainian leadership about possible guarantees that the country could provide to ensure security after the Russian invasion. As an alternative to NATO membership, Kyiv has previously suggested that Ukraine be guaranteed by individual countries, such as Germany, … Read more

The promises on the negotiating table with Ukraine and the bombs on the ground. Is Putin bluffing?

The Russia deals with theUkraine, Putin talks on the phone with Western leaders, but meanwhile Moscow continues to bomb Ukrainian cities. The negotiators’ statements do not correspond to what is happening on the ground and sometimes contradict each other. Ukrainian President Zelensky expects a new Russian offensive. The underlying question is whether the Kremlin is … Read more

Abramovich has an unclear role at the negotiating table

Russia and Ukraine seemed to get a little closer together for the first time yesterday in Istanbul. After another day of negotiations, it emerged that Russia plans to limit military activities around Kiev and Chernihiv to screw back. Notable present during those talks was Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, best known as owner of Chelsea football … Read more

Despite the improvement in the results .. Arsenal is negotiating with a shocking replacement for Arteta!

Despite the good results and the distinguished levels that Mikel Arteta provides with Arsenal, his future remains in constant doubt. Arsenal has improved significantly in the last period, and is going through a series of victories that made it one of the closest teams to be in the Champions League next season through the English … Read more