FC Barcelona: The “favors” that Negreira could do to Barcelona

Lthe great unknown in this whole Negreira case is What did Barcelona buy over the years with the payment of 7.5 million of euros to the companies of the former vice president of the Technical College of Referees and his son. It is evident that there were arbitration reports as is clearly reflected in the … Read more

Shocking developments in Barcelona’s ‘Negreira Case’!

There have been new developments in the investigation opened against the Barcelona Club regarding the allegations that Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira, the former vice-president of the Spanish Refereeing Technical Board, and his son paid the companies owned by him. According to the news in Marca; Enriquez Negreira and his son’s companies billed Barcelona millions of … Read more

UEFA opens an investigation against Barça for the ‘Negreira Case’

The ‘Negreira Case’ officially arrives in Switzerland. As AS has been able to learn and it became official later, UEFA has opened an investigation against Barcelona for the ‘Negreira Case’. The inspectors of the Ethics and Disciplinary Committee of the highest European body have opened an investigation to find out in detail everything that happened. … Read more

FC Barcelona: ‘Negreira Case’: Has Barça been the most benefited by the referees?

The scandal flies over Spanish football after the news published by ‘SER Catalunya’. According to this medium, FC Barcelona paid 1.4 million to Enríquez Negreira, vice-president of the Technical Committee of Referees, while he was still working on said committee. With the necessary prudence that always accompanies the word ‘supposed‘, we look back to analyze … Read more

The judge admits the prosecution’s complaint against Barça, Rosell and Bartomeu for the ‘Negreira case’

The judge of Barcelona Silvia López Mejías has admitted for processing today the complaint filed by the Prosecutor’s Office against Fútbol Club Barcelona and its former presidents Sandro Rosell and Josep Maria Bartomeu for a crime of sports corruption due to payments of around 7 million euros to the former vice president of the referees, … Read more

The Prosecutor’s Office will denounce FC Barcelona for continued corruption in sports due to payments to Negreira | Sports

Josep Maria Bartomeu, as president of FC Barcelona in a file image.JOSEP LAGO (AFP) The complaint that the Prosecutor’s Office is about to present before the courts for the millionaire payments from Barça to the former arbitration leader José María Enríquez Negreira is directed, among others, against FC Barcelona as a legal entity, as confirmed … Read more

Xavi’s response to Cholo for Barcelona’s defensive play, confirms withdrawal for the Clásico and the ‘Negreira Case’

2023-03-18 The technician of Barcelona, Xavi Hernandezassured this Saturday that winning the Real Madrid Sunday would be “a blow of authority” and a “very important step” to win the League. “In case of winning, it would be a blow of authority. We would be twelve points away, it would not be definitive, but it would … Read more

Laporta did not pay Negreira in his first two seasons as president

Another thread related to the Negreira scandal. According to the information Football LeaksJoan Laporta did not pay the former deputy chief umpires in his first two seasons in office But then the president resumed payments during his first term and even increased the billing amounts As stated The confidentialLaporta also paid companies in which Negreira’s … Read more

Negreira withdrew up to 20,000 euros a month in cash while collecting from Barcelona

Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira He came to withdraw 20,000 euros per month in cash from his accounts while he collected from FC Barcelona. The investigations of the Prosecutor’s Office have accredited, as EL MUNDO has been able to learn, significant outflows of funds in cash from the bank deposits of the former vice president of … Read more