All neighboring countries in danger as long as Putin is in power – VG

THANKS NORWAY: Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis from Lithuania is in Oslo with a special thank you to Norwegian soldiers who are at the country’s NATO base. Photo: Frode Hansen / VG The fastest way to an end to the war is to give Ukraine more heavy weapons, says Lithuania’s Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis. He does … Read more

Why Orban’s scarf alarms Ukraine and other neighboring countries: Unacceptable, apologies

After a soccer match Orban was shown in public wearing a scarf depicting a map of “Greater Hungary”, the former Imperial Hungarian territory that existed before Austria-Hungary’s defeat in World War I. Turn on notifications to receive updates on For months, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been criticized throughout Europe for his proximity to … Read more

Scientists have discovered a stream of neutrinos emanating from a black hole in a neighboring galaxy

The unique IceCube neutrino telescope, located deep under the ice at the Amundsen-Scott Antarctic station, helped scientists detect a powerful stream of neutrinos emanating from the center of the galaxy Messier 77 (NGS 1068), which is located at a distance of 47 million light years from Earth. This is only the second discovery of a … Read more

THE WAR IS NOT ONLY AT THE FRONT. In neighboring Belarus, propaganda is everyday: what is happening there?

Propaganda is known to ignore borders and easily travel from one country to another. The situation in neighboring Belarus is worrying, as false reports are not only increasing, but they are also becoming more and more violent. How is a distorted reality presented to people and how to deconstruct the lies being spread? VMU docent, … Read more

One in three Dutch people do not pay fines in this neighboring country | Car

The number of fines issued by Belgium to foreigners rose by 30 percent last year, but collection remains a problem for our southern neighbors. Almost half of the fines are not paid. In 2021, 560,000 fines were sent abroad by Belgian police forces, an increase of 30 percent compared to the previous year. But this … Read more

Viral in Malaysia, Indonesian wedding-style dances are criticized by “Neighboring Countries” Netizens

KUALA LUMPUR, – Video wedding party Indonesian citizens who went viral to Malaysia received criticism from netizen “The neighboring country”, because the bride and groom and the guests danced to the accompaniment of disco music. The criticism was originally made by the Malaysia Most Virall Twitter account on Thursday (13/10/2022). In the video, the … Read more

Russia loses influence in neighboring countries: ‘Humiliating for Putin’

ANP yesterday, 09:00•Amended yesterday, 14:04 Georgia East editor Nieuwsuur Georgia East editor Nieuwsuur Armenia and Azerbaijan are back in conflict, Kazakhstan refuses to support the Russian offensive in Ukraine and fighting has erupted on the border between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Since the start of the war in Ukraine, things have become increasingly unsettled in both … Read more

A star consumed by another neighboring star, smaller and more dangerous

Researchers have discovered a star that cannibalizes another, a quite singular cataclysmic variable star. The Sun may be a star lonely in our solar system, but about half of all other stars in our Milky Way are part of binary systems, in which two stars are found. These can have very fast orbital periods – … Read more

Four times less Russian nationals have crossed the border of Latvia than in neighboring countries

In the previous day, 315 citizens of Russia crossed the external border, which is on average 4 times less than in neighboring countries – in Estonia there are 1,299 citizens of the Russian Federation, and in Lithuania – 1,074, reports State Border Guard. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Since September 19, when the … Read more

Neighboring dwarf galaxies have taken refuge from the Milky Way in a cocoon of hot gas, scientists have found

A group of American scientists summed up the results of long-term observations using the Hubble and FUSE telescopes, and stated that they succeeded confirm the existence of the Magellanic Crown – a cocoon of hot gas that does not allow the Milky Way to absorb two dwarf galaxies rotating around it: the Large and Small … Read more