Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Edition Leaked? These would be their covers

On the eve of the event Capcom of the Tokyo Game Show, which will take place on September 30, a new edition of Resident Evil 3. Considered by many one of the most “niche” games in the series, something hidden between Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 3 Remake arrived in 2020, … Read more

GRID Legends includes an improved Nemesis system

F1 2021 has only just hit shelves, but Codemasters recently announced another game in the GRID franchise: GRID Legends. In addition to numerous new vehicles, Legends – for the first time in the series – will also include a Story Mode. In addition to these new things, an old friend returns: the Nemesis system. In … Read more

Kan Wiphakorn, a redundant nemesis, drove a luxury car and got into an accident, a lizard jumped at me, saying someone made something for me!

Kan Wiphakorn, the nemesis of the redundant Driving a luxury car out of the house, got into an accident, got frightened, got scolded, scolded for sure, plus a lizard jumped at it, got a lot of pain, blasting someone to put stuff on me! There are frequent things to worry about for Kan Wiphakorn, the … Read more