More than 570.000 mink culled at all in the corona of infected farms

All of the corona virus-infected nertsenbedrijven in the province have been cleared. A spokesman for the Netherlands Food and consumer product safety Authority (NVWA) Friday morning to know. In total, more than 570.000 animals in the province noord-Brabant and Limburg have been cleared. More than 480.000 of which were puppies. It’s up to a total … Read more

Nertsenhouder Where Rix shows his life’s work go up in smoke, ” That will be in the

The nertsenfokkerij from Where Rix in Deurne, the netherlands, where the corona virus is identified it will be removed. For nertsenfokkerijen that have been removed, there will be a voluntary stoppersregeling. This means that after four years of the end of the company from Where. “It’s just devastating.” As of Friday, will be compromised, businesses … Read more