Cuban pitcher Néstor Cortés Jr. signs again with the New York Yankees – Asere

As announced through his Instagram account, Cuban pitcher Néstor Cortés Jr., again signed a contract with the New York Yankees last Thursday, although the details of it were not clarified. The Cuban did not have a long career outside of the Yankees. Apparently an injury to his left arm left him with a season to … Read more

Yankees: Nestor Cortes Jr signs with Los Mulos del brox

The Yankees de New York signed by Cuban pitcher Nestor Cortes Jr. who long ago played for them in the MLB-Major League Baseball. Cortes Jr is playing for the Eastern Stars in the Dominican League, there he has had a great performance and attracted the attention of the Yankees again. The Cuban debuted in 2018 … Read more

The best photos of the tribute to Néstor Kichner | …

October 27, 2020 · Updated ago Image gallery Image: Leandro Teysseire With chinstraps and social distance, the militants remembered Néstor Kirchner in Plaza de Mayo. Photo: Leandro Teysseire. A portrait of Néstor Kirchner framed by a hundred candles in Plaza de Mayo. Photo: Leandro Teysseire. .

They will deliver photos of Néstor Kirchner at home in …

From the Front of All the campaign “Thanks Nestor” to honor the former president, on the tenth anniversary of his death, on October 27. The initiative consists of delivery of posters from the leader to “Fill the streets” with his image. Mayra mendoza, Mayor of Quilmes, and the Minister of Development of the Buenos Aires … Read more

Néstor Humberto Martínez: two former officials on trial for interceptions – Investigation – Justice

EL TIEMPO learned of the indictment – 10 pages – against Luis Carlos Gómez Góngora and Fabio Augusto Martínez Lugo, two former officials of the Prosecutor’s Office, who were called to trial for the crime of slander. The process has to do with the statements made public at the end of 2019, in which they … Read more

Chavismo criticized Alberto Fernández for the vote at the UN: “He deceived Cristina, he deceived Nestor, he deceived the whole world”

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza (photo) and constituent Mario Silva were harsh regarding Argentina’s support in the resolution of a new Bachelet report at the UN Credit: Facebook Jorge Arreaza The Chavista leader Mario Silva and the Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, they criticized the president Alberto Fernandez for him Argentine vote at the UN … Read more