Nethys case: Jean-Claude Marcourt searched, what does Pierre-Yves Dermagne think of it?

A search of the home of the President of the Walloon Parliament Jean-Claude Marcourt (PS) took place on Friday afternoon in Liège, as part of the Nethys affair. Another search took place a few hours earlier in the offices of the president, located in the Walloon parliament in Namur. “These searches were carried out in … Read more

Stéphane Moreau transferred to prison of Marche-en-F …

Moreau, the ex-Nethys CEO, has been transferred from Lantin prison to Marche-en-Famenne prison. Earlier this week, the prosecutor’s office appealed against a conditional release. It is not known why Moreau has been put in another prison. His lawyer, Master Masset, did not want to say anything about it. The ex-PS’er Moreau is the pivotal figure … Read more

Nethys case: François Fornieri and Pierre Meyers will be released from prison

The council chamber ordered the release of the two businessmen from Liège, under conditions. The prosecution will not appeal. Their preventive detention ends, so they can leave Marche prison. But they remain charged. Iindicted on January 21 of abuse of corporate assets and embezzlement by a person exercising a public function, placed in the wake … Read more

Isabelle Rasmont, the auditor at Nethys, is in the hot seat

Isabelle Rasmont, auditor at Nethys, would criticize practices that she herself endorsed. In the Nethys galaxy, Isabelle Rasmont’s name is not as well known as all those who have marked this affair since it erupted in 2016. However, without prejudging in a positive or negative way the actions that she was able to pose as … Read more

Isabelle Rasmont received 800,000 euros per year!

Posted on Monday, August 24, 2020 at 6:34 a.m. By Gaspard Grosjean This is starting to smell bad for the auditor of almost all the companies and subsidiaries of the intercommunal Enodia and Nethys. The editor of the famous “PWC” firm, Isabelle Rasmont, is in the hot seat. The big cleaning continues in the Enodia-Nethys … Read more

ex-Nethys executives are covered up to … 1 million euros!

Posted on Wednesday, July 15, 2020 at 8 p.m. By Gaspard Grosjean Former managers and administrators of Nethys worried about the justice system will have their legal fees paid by … Enodia! Last January, Stéphane Moreau, Pierre Meyers, François Fornieri and Jacques Tison opened the ball. In a letter sent to rue Louvrex, they informaient … Read more