Seconds of the Planets Jupiter and Saturn Visible from Earth and Captured by the Camera, MasyaAllah! Amazed Netizens

MAPAY BANDUNG – Here are the seconds planet Jupiter and Saturn seen from heaven night Earth and recorded on camera. This moment was captured for the first time and was successfully captured by a TikTok account, Robi Adam @/Humanlangit, a few days ago. It was recorded planet Jupiter and Saturn from heaven night Earth this … Read more

This Viral Youth is Not Prestige to Sell at the Night Market, Making Netizens Salfok

Malaysia – The persistence of children in trying to find sustenance certainly makes both parents feel touched and proud. Likewise, what was done by a mother who was surprised to see her son selling at a night market. The story of young people selling at the night market went viral starting with an upload by … Read more

“Tak Bongkot” posted a marriage certificate to show hit netizens accused of being a mistress

“Tak Bongkot” posted a marriage certificate to show hit netizens accused of being a mistress After earlier, actress Tak Bongkot has come out to give an interview. About her husband, Khun Boonchai Bencharongkul, that he is a man that many women approach. By taking the matter of business contact as a reference Ready to issue … Read more

“The girl group is in bed..” The mother of triplets exploded at the netizen’s admonition that crossed the line.

online community Yulhee, a former member of the girl group Laboum, is drawing a lot of attention as she sternly responds with abusive language to netizens’ uncomfortable comments. “What is it like to be a loving mother, so come here and say X” Instagram_Yulhee On November 28, 2022, Yul-hee posted two daily photos on her … Read more

After the meeting with Zelensky, netizens are buzzing about Landsberg’s atypical outfit: the famous designer has a different opinion

Shortly after the meeting with Ukrainian President V. Zelenskius, Lithuanian Foreign Minister G. Landsbergis „Twitter“ shared a photo on the account showing politicians shaking hands with each other. “The meeting with President Volodymyr Zelenskiy once again clearly showed that we must not lose sight of the essential goal: Ukraine must win on the battlefield. Tanks, … Read more

These 5 Ustaz Criticized by Netizens for Giving ‘Heretical’ Teachings about Food

Jakarta – The opinion of several ustaz about this food drew scathing criticism from netizens. Because they seem to forbid it food with teachings that are considered misleading. Ustaz or religious leaders will provide learning in accordance with Sharia. It also includes food and drink that can be consumed by Muslims. Actually, this has also … Read more

Who’s in trouble? Mo Amina hit the heat after seeing netizens ask if she’s really pregnant?

At the same time, one netizen commented with suspicion. by stating that “Some people say it’s true or not.” Of course, this work, Mo Amina, did not let go. The garden immediately hit back and said, “Why are you pregnant? Why are you not pregnant? I want to know too. Is it hurting anyone’s life?” … Read more

Criticized by Netizens, These are 7 Balenciaga Controversies throughout 2022

Controversy seems to be inseparable from the Balenciaga fashion house. Most recently, one of the advertisements was deemed to be related to child pornography. Previously, Balenciaga also often left us gaping with its unrepresentative collections high fashion or even nearly impossible to use. One of his eccentric collections that went viral is sneakers damaged goods … Read more

Rizky Billar and Lesty Kejora provide support and assistance to disaster victims, netizens: Wow, that’s really big

Hops.ID – The news came from a phenomenal couple that is Rizky Billiards and Lesty Kejora who recently participated in helping disaster victims the Cianjur earthquake. Even though it was rumored that he had received a boycott and was reportedly bankrupt, this did not dampen his hopes Rizky Billiards and Lesty Kejora to share with … Read more