They harass debtor loan companies

Delicias.- An average of five consultancies a day during the last month, provided the State Human Rights Commission to citizens victims of harassment by companies dedicated to granting loans, whose employees bother debtors at any time of day and in any place . Inopportune visits to homes and work centers, as well as threats and … Read more

Reopening of community centers begins

Ciudad Juárez.- The councilors that make up the Community Centers Commission held a meeting to supervise the reactivation of activities in the 48 spaces administered by the Municipal Government. In a statement it was reported that there is a lot of demand from the population that requires the services and programs offered by the Municipality … Read more

Gomita raffles a television with his family and they end up fighting

Former clown Aracely Ordaz “Gomita”, shared on her YouTub channel that during the Christmas holidays she raffled off a television among her family and friends, a situation that ended in dispute. So that everything was transparent, the mother of the former clown went with each person to get a piece of paper out of a … Read more

Microsoft wants you to continue living as a digital chatbot

Chat bots or “chatbots” are software applications that simulate holding a conversation with a person by providing automatic responses, which are previously established by a group of experts. Microsoft has filed a patent registration for a technology with which it intends to create a conversational chatbot of a specific person. The application can be consulted … Read more

The closure of road sections in the state maintains bad weather

Chihuahua.- The State Coordination of Civil Protection reports through a statement that the low temperatures caused by weather conditions have caused snow and ice in recent days that hinder vehicular traffic, which is why some are closed to circulation. Highway sections of the entity: With report until 10:00 hours: Closed in Cuauhtémoc, Malpaso section Closed … Read more

Top 10 best-selling books

The 10 best-selling books of the week in some countries of America and Spain ARGENTINA 1.- “The betrayal” – José Fernández Díaz 2.- “Aunt Cosima” – Florencia Bonelli 3.- “Women of my soul” – Isabel Allende 4.- “The city of steam” – Carlos Ruiz-Zafón 5.- “Blind trust” – John Katzenbach 6.- “Harry Potter and the … Read more

With this lamp you could watch what your children do

Despite the fact that the brand is completely related to smartphones, the reality is that Xiaomi has a wide market in household appliances and has surprised with other curious gadgets such as its lamp capable of eliminating viruses in the air or its invention so that users can control their own curtains from the mobile … Read more

Actor of ‘My Husband Has More Family’ suffers express kidnapping

Through his Instagram account, Nikolas Caballero, one of the main actors of the telenovela “Together the heart is never wrong”, recounted the moments of terror that he experienced when he was a victim of kidnapping while using a mobile application transport service. In the recording, which has more than 255 thousand reproductions, the protagonist of … Read more

This is the first name that Bill Gates would give to ‘Windows’

It recently marked 35 years since the launch of Windows 1.01, which marked the beginning of Microsoft’s operating system, it took Windows time to reach the peak of success, but little by little it was building the path that has catapulted it as the operating system for computers most used in the world. In 1983 … Read more

Lolita Ayala reappears, now on TV Azteca (+ Video)

The journalist Lolita Ayala, who disappeared from the media since 2016 after her unexpected dismissal on Televisa after 30 years on the air with her news program “Las Noticias”, now reappeared on the morning program “Venga la Alegría” to tell her story and her life battles. The driver’s life has not been easy, since before … Read more