Haifa Wehbe ignites social networking sites with her elegant look… and her pictures are the talk of many!

The Lebanese star participatedHaifa Wahbi​The audience is a group of recent photos of her, in which she ignited social networking sites and were widely shared by followers, according to her distinctive look, through her own account. Haifa appeared in a Chanel look, a short gray dress, with a short and clipped coat, and high white … Read more

Belqis video spontaneously ignites social networking sites!

Yemeni artist contactBilqisMarketing for the music video for her new song “patient​” Which she released in the Moroccan dialect, and photographed in a remote village in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.Belqis published a spontaneous video clip of her, in which she appeared as she danced in the Moroccan way and with a clear humor to … Read more

The video of Jennifer Lopez dancing in a scandalous way is sweeping social networking sites!

A video clip of the international artist was recently spread on social mediaJennifer LopezShe dances in a scandalous manner.Jennifer appeared sitting on the floor and doing very exciting and daring moves.The public objected to Jennifer’s behavior and considered it to be crossing the line.The video is from a scene from an old movie by Jennifer, … Read more

After Gigi and Bella Hadid, the picture of Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s kiss is sweeping social networking sites!

A picture of the American supermodel spread on the sites concerned with news of celebrities and artistsKendall JennerAnd her sister, the social media star Kylie, and they almost kiss each other in a spontaneous and funny way.This image led to a state of widespread controversy among the followers, as some considered it to be frivolous … Read more

Latvijas pasts calls for a new look at the activities of fraudsters in the social networking and Facebook Messenger environments

Danielson points out that during the busiest shopping season of the year, customers receive fraudulent information informing them of the cost of receiving a shipment and receiving an invitation to transfer money. Latvijas pasts urges that when receiving suspicious information, never open fraudulent links and in no case disclose your personal data to fraudsters. The … Read more

Pamela Cake’s wedding pictures are sweeping social networking sites…and the identity of the groom is surprising!

Topped the wedding pictures of the Lebanese actressPamela Cake​ Social networking sites and appeared in a wide white dress with a princesses story and put a headpiece on her head. She also adopted light makeup, but with a red lip pencil. These photos are only from the scenes of the filming of the series “A’ … Read more

Tianchao | Demystifying the new tools of Gen Z’s emotional companionship, creating a new era of stress-free social networking! _acquaintance

Original title: Tianchao | Demystifying a new tool for Gen Z’s emotional companionship, creating a new era of stress-free social networking! The rapid development of the mobile Internet has caused Internet social users to gradually migrate from the PC side to the mobile side.And with the changes in social media, the social group has also … Read more

The dance of Shawq Al-Hadi and Mahira Abdel Aziz ignites social networking sites

The actress raisedThe longing of the HadiThe resident of Kuwait, the controversy on social media because of the publication of a video of her dancing the Iraqi dance with the Emirati media, Mahira Abdel Aziz, on one occasion. Shawq Al-Hadi wore a tight red dress, and his story was distinguished by one shoulder, in publications … Read more

Spartak Moscow uses Barcelona to ridicule the disruption of social networking sites!

Spartak Moscow mocked Barcelona for their ongoing crisis since last season, and used it to mock the disruption of social networking sites. The Catalan club went through difficult months after the departure of Messi and Griezmann due to the financial crisis, before making a disappointing start to the season. He is ninth in the table … Read more

Shams Kuwaiti pictures of the shower robe top the social networking sites

The pioneers of social networking sites circulated a group of shocking photos of the Kuwaiti artist Shams wearing a bathrobe and sitting in the bathtub, and expressed their surprise at the boldness of the images, so it became clear that the pictures were taken from a video clip of Shams’ song titled “​ill​”. Shams had … Read more