A sensual visual of adult Anya Forger unleashes the furor in networks — Kudasai

We have previously commented on the popular Twitter artist “SakimichanArt (@SakimichanA)“, of Canadian origin, who had recently become the target of criticism on social networks after revealing that he was preparing a sensual illustration based on an adult version of Anya Forgerthe protagonist of the franchise SPY x FAMILY. Fortunately, the criticism did not matter … Read more

The curious “door” on Mars captured in a NASA photo | The explanation of scientists and what was said on social networks

A photo taken by the NASA in Marte of what appears to be door to a mysterious tunnel caused a stir on social media. The opening, carved into a rock formation on that planet, gave rise to different theories and fueled the idea for many that there could be life on Martian soil. Geologists, however, … Read more

Merly Morello sends a tender message to daughter Melania Urbina: “I love you, honey because you are incredible” | tik tok | social networks | Melania Urbina | back to the neighborhood | america television lgtb community | SHOWS

Updated on 05/16/2022 10:39 am Merly Morello and Melania Urbina managed to have a very good relationship that was born on the screens, but this bond was extended with the daughter of the renowned actress. Thus, the popular “Lili” shared a video with her great friend Lucía de Ella, who just turned 18. In the … Read more

Changes in the mandatory mask and vaccine have generated “anger” on social networks, according to analysts

Feelings such as sadness, fear, surprise, but above all anger, have been expressed by Costa Ricans on social networks after the signatures almost a week ago presidential decrees related to the free will executed by the government regarding the use of facial protection instruments and inoculation against Covid-19. Read more: Students will not have to … Read more

Matías Camisani revealed how he takes criticism on the networks

Matias Camisani participated in ph we can talk where he talked about the jokes he usually receives through social networks about his alleged lack of desire to work, a fame that he assures they made him for years unfounded. When Andy Kusnetzoff launched the slogan on how he reacts to criticism on social mediaCamisani pointed … Read more

Ita, the first Airbus arrives in Fiumicino. On social networks the photos of the interiors of the new plane

ROMA – On fan groups of Ita Airways – first on Telegram, then on Facebook – fever breaks out for the first Airbus of the national airline which landed in Rome Fiumicino yesterday afternoon. So far, Ita has used aircraft that have been in service for years, often taken by Alitalia and simply repainted in … Read more

Journalists, professors, entrepreneurs: this is how Russian disinformation is in action on TV and on social networks

Some reports ofintelligence suggest that the Russian disinformation machine is in action in Italy. And there is evidence and names of a pollution activity planned by the Kremlin since July 2021. That is when the “Special Operation” of Vladimir Putin in Ukraine. According to The print, who talks about it today in an article by … Read more

Pity Álvarez sang again in an intimate show and revolutionized social networks

The city With a strong claim “against hunger and poverty”, the Federal March was installed in Rosario The city Pablo Javkin: “We are facing a terrorist action orchestrated by the mafias” Pandemic Rise in Covid cases: “The hospitalization rate or the severity of the disease did not increase” Police They link the false threats of … Read more

Aldo Miyashiro Érika Villalobos: driver deletes photos with actress on social networks Instagram PHOTO VIDEO | entertainment

Aldo Miyashiro has made its separation official Erika Villalobos on social networks, after starring in the ampay launched by Magaly Medina. The program “Love and Fire” surprised by showing that several photos that the presenter of “La banda del Chino” had with his wife were no longer available. It is worth mentioning that the producer … Read more

Social networks: TikTok will share advertising revenue with creators

TikTok had not yet implemented, like other major social networks, such as YouTube, Instagram or Snapchat, revenue sharing systems. According to the specialized site Business of Apps, TikTok generated, in 2021, a turnover of 4.6 billion dollars. (illustrative image) AFP TikTok announced on Wednesday that it would study the implementation of advertising revenue sharing with … Read more