Ice hockey club “Die Bären” initiate fundraising campaign for Neuwied Zoo

News from January 17, 2021 Tweet By Eckhard Schwabe The new ice hockey club ?? The bears ?? collected over 1,000 euros with a sticker campaign on Saturday, January 16 for the Neuwied Zoo. An idea that excited the fans. Photos of the donation by Eckhard Schwabe. Neuwied. At the beginning of January it was … Read more

Daycare facilities are getting expensive: Erpel has to invest despite empty coffers – Neuwied district

The Erpeler municipal council unanimously launched the double budget for 2021 and 2022. There was no need for discussion. However, the electoral group “Democracy on site Erpel” (DvOE) had asked a number of factual and understanding questions about the budget in advance, which local mayor Günter Hirzmann answered before the council waved through the figures.

Long-term graffiti project completed |

News from December 22nd, 2020 Tweet 20 young people from Neuwied took part in a graffiti project that lasted more than a year, organized by the city’s children’s and youth office (KiJub) in cooperation with the Heinrich-Heine Realschule, the KreARTiv-Atelier and the city’s youth center Big House. At the rear of the Big House building, … Read more

Donations in kind converted into 4,500 euros for the VOR-TOUR of Hope

News from November 19, 2020 Tweet “A real gain for disadvantaged children who need every help, especially this year,” said Jürgen Grünwald, chairman of the VOR-TOUR der Hope, very grateful when he heard about the donation of 4,500 euros so far. Photo: private Neuwied. The support is unique. Probably because everyone can join in and … Read more

Weckmen donate consolation in the parish of Honnefeld

News from November 13th, 2020 Tweet The apple lanterns that the children of the Protestant daycare center “hand in hand” are bright red. tinkered in Oberhonnefeld. But unfortunately they won’t go through the streets singing songs like they usually do. Because this year, all Martins trains are canceled due to the corona in order to … Read more

Education topic at the meeting of the Advisory Board for Migration and Integration in the Neuwied district

News from October 24th, 2020 Tweet After a six-month break from meetings caused by corona, the Advisory Board for Migration and Integration in the Neuwied district now met for a meeting in the district building in the presence of District Administrator Achim Hallerbach. It had a central, full-length topic: education. Andrea Oosterdyk and Laura Schaaf … Read more