Post on the verge of living with the artist “Na Dao” informs the glimpse of the damage “Phi Phi-Biggin”.

Post on the verge of living with the artist “Na Dao” informs the glimpse of the damage “Phi Phi-Biggin” … “Na Dao” started to protect “Buakin-PP” And affiliated artists To inform netizens on the verge of posting Commercial exploitation Ms. Jongchit Inthung Deputy Managing Director Artist supervision and development department, Nadao Bangkok Co., Ltd., along … Read more

The good news is not there yet? “Mint-Phupha” Parua, the super sweet photoset celebrates 3,285 days of sweet love with a couple ring scene announcement.

Still not a ring, “Mint Chalida” hurriedly clarified the scene showing the pair of rings on the ring finger after swinging “Phupha” taking a photo set to celebrate 3,285 days of sweet love Another marathon couple that fans of big and small fans want to have a moment of kneeling and proposing to get married … Read more

Not motionless! The media apologized to “Bright” after an inappropriate headline.

The media is loud, not motionless. Panning a book to apologize to “Bright Phichayanathan” after an inappropriate headline occurred Ready to be revealed to be more careful So as not to have more errors in the future Became a light warming matter Ever After the beautiful girl announcer “Bright Phichan Thanh Chanput” Has issued a … Read more

“Nack Charlie” is sick! Year of the terrible brew, encountered an accident – being cheated by a million Discouraged until the fire

Savage shedding strangled! “Nack Charlie” complains, sick! The year of the terrible brew, encountered an accident – a million cheating Discouraged until the fire was lost in thinking of work … 63 years ago, on the outside, it might be a golden year for this emotional young actor for “Nak Charee Trirat”, but in reality, … Read more

I’m not happy for sure. “Yes.” Take the rude “teacher”, criticize the comment, but there is a policeman as a reserve!

I’m not happy for sure. “Cha R. Siam” took the story to the end. “Teacher” was rude, commented, cursing, but there was a policeman as a reserve Having been insulted by this kind of dignity for a long time until accumulating a lot of suffering, the more stressful the days are for the “Cha Nong … Read more

New boyfriend 30 years apart, “Mam Laconic” is as shy as the first girl.

New boyfriend aged 30 years apart, “Mom Laconic”, as shy as the first girl. A transgender female singer, a soft voice “Mam Laconic” Come join the series launch event. “Brothers The Series I love you, my brother loves you.” With a bright face, looks more beautiful, lively at the age of 62, is it because … Read more

Aunt “Ple Nakorn” attached code-18 sharing experiences Warn is not a far story.

The aunt of “Ple Nakorn” is attached to the Code-18 in Las Vegas, revealing the symptoms that are elaborate. “Ple” states it is not a distant example. On Jan 31, the reporter reported. “Ple Nakorn Silachai” Has shared a clip and posted a message through the page Ple Nakorn Stating that “Papa’s real aunt recently … Read more