EDGE selects the best games of the generation: Bloodborne, Overwatch and Breath of the Wild among them

With the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One generation of consoles having ended, EDGE has wanted to leave its own title list with the best games of the generation. Even though Nintendo Switch is in the middle of its life cycle, confirmed by Nintendo itself this year, the Sony and Microsoft consoles –PS4 y Xbox One– … Read more

PS5 ad spend nearly tripled Xbox Series X at launch

The two-week period before the new consoles were released was the most active video game category of 2020. During this busy holiday week that is coming up, Sony and PS5, in addition to Microsoft y Xbox Series X/S, are still out of stock everywhere as incoming stock is sold out shortly after. The competition between … Read more

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the game with which you will live the true PlayStation 5 experience

The arrival of PlayStation 5 deserves a game that shows what the new console is capable of, and nothing better than a new Spider-Man adventure to prove it. Marvel’s New York is waiting for us! PlayStation 5 will land in Spain November 19 accompanied by a powerful selection of launch titles, and among them stands … Read more

Who will win and why in the battle of PS5 vs Xbox Series X, according to a market research firm

It is possible that, shortly, the so-called war of consoles stop being so at the forefront to be a thing of the past, as many users will end up embracing both brands and consoles. The war of consoles it is in a moment quite a lot of fun right now, so their disappearance can take … Read more