Challenge the Yamaha XSR 155, this new retro sport motorbike carries an 18.8 DK engine and big legs like Moge, the price?

Zonts The appearance of the Zontes ZT155G, a draw rival to the Yamaha XSR 155 in the 155 cc retro sport segment. – Challenge Honda XSR 155Motor Sport Retro This New Engine Carrying 18.8 DK and Sturdy Legs in the style of Moge, the price? Launched a new retro sport motorbike with a 155 … Read more

Challenge the Vespa Matic, this retro scooter comes with a 4 valve engine, let’s see the specifications

newmotor Dayang VRF150, a scooter with a 4 valve engine, perfect for meeting Vespas – New motorbikeretro scooter comes with a 4 valve engine, suitable to meet the Vespa Matic. Present new motorbike retro automatic scooter (scooter) named Dayang VRF150 comes from a Chinese manufacturer. Judging from the appearance, it feels a bit aura … Read more

Officially Launched Kawasaki Ninja 400 2023, Price Only Rp 80 Million

Kawasaki Kawasaki Ninja 400 KRT Edition color version MOTOR – Officially launched new motorbike Kawasaki Ninja 400 version 2023. This motor slid for the Japanese automotive market. Quote from Kawasaki Japan, Ninja 400 version 2023 now looks different in graphics and color choices from the previous year. As for the choice of colors, it … Read more

Kawasaki Ninja 250 Twins with Different Machines Officially Released, Like This New Look

Kawasaki The new Kawasaki Ninja 400 in white launches on the Japanese market – New motorbikeTwins Kawasaki Ninja 250 a different engine was released, this is how the new look looks like. New motorbike the brother of the Kawasaki Ninja 250, it’s just that the engine capacity is different for the latest version 2023 … Read more

New Motorcycle Kawasaki Z250 2023 Finally Launched, Here’s What It Looks Like! Now Use ABS Brakes The Kawasaki Z250 launches under the name Modenas Z250 in Malaysia – New motorbike Kawasaki Z250 finally officially launched on the market, now equipped with an ABS brake system as standard! Sports naked version of New Ninja 250 This 2-cylinder engine has been waiting for its presence since it was first released in … Read more

New Motorcycle Yamaha Jupiter MX 135 Reborn has been registered, just waiting for the official launch

MOTOR – Yamaha Jupiter MX 135 once appeared in Indonesia and became a sophisticated motorcycle in its era, now it appears again in new motorbike. Show up again new motorbike Yamaha Jupiter MX 135 reborn already registered just waiting for the official launch when it goes on sale. Presence new motorbike Yamaha Jupiter MX … Read more

His looks make Yamaha R15 and CBR150R nervous, this new 165 cc motorbike is a big power!

GPX The front view of the GPX Demon GPX165RR, very much like a moge – Present new motorbike rival Yamaha R15 and Honda CBR150Rlooks frightening and powerful engine is fairly large! The motorcycle, which is included in the 150 cc class sport fairing category, is a product from Thailand, named GPX Demon GR165RR. In … Read more

New Yamaha Freego Motorcycle Appears Facelift Using NMAX Engine, Take a Look at Other Features

Greatbiker Yamaha Freego performs a facelift MOTOR – Yamaha is coming soon new motorbike Freego with a facelift. Quoting from Greatbiker, the motor will be given a new name Yamaha Sickness. When viewed from the design, this motorbike is arguably the new Freego 155 Facelift 2022. Yamaha Sickness This seems to be sliding to … Read more

Not a gas station buddy, taken on a tour of Honda ADV 160 gasoline consumption through this way

AHM The inaugural Honda ADV160 tour was attended by manufacturers’ representatives and journalists – Not a gas station buddy, taken on a tour of gasoline consumption Honda ADV 160 See Through. The touring route starts at the AHM factory in Pulogadung, East Jakarta, then Jalan Raya Bogor via Kramatjati, Cijantung then passes Pakansari Stadium. … Read more

New Electric Motors Yamaha NMAX Twins Officially Launched, The Price Surprises

MOTOR The new electric motor is very similar to the Yamaha NMAX, the Rakata NX3 is officially launched. MOTOR – The design is very similar, electric motor new twin Yamaha NMAX officially launched, the price is jaw-dropping. Brother, you can see that the design is very similar to one of the 155 cc … Read more