Large debacle on Formosa beach in Madeira

A large-scale debacle took place this Sunday at Praia Formosa, next to the Orca Praia hotel in Funchal, without causing any casualties, said a source from the Municipality of Funchal. The same source added that, according to Firefighters Sapadores of Funchal, “there are neither dead nor injured”. However, authorities admit that there may be people … Read more

Admissions rise in day with two deaths

Portugal has confirmed, in the last 24 hours, 599 new cases of covid-19, according to the epidemiological bulletin of the Directorate-General for Health (DGS). Report this Sunday (September 26) also states that two more people died from SARS-CoV-2 infection. The two deaths occurred in Lisbon and Vale do Tejo and in the Center region. There … Read more

Candidate doubled the bulletin backwards, but the vote is valid

The president of the German Election Commission, Georg Thiel, confirmed this Sunday that the vote of conservative candidate Armin Laschet is valid, despite the fact that the bulletin has been folded upside down, allowing its visualization. “Yes, it is valid,” said Georg Thiel, in statements to NTV, stressing that, if the bulletin was placed in … Read more

EMA should authorize third dose for seniors. Portugal just waits the green light

The scientific evidence made available so far is that the vaccine scheme is effective, but it is starting to become clear that this protection, despite being significant, is not as high after a few months as after vaccination in the above age groups 65 years old. In this sense, taking into account the results of … Read more

Another complaint against António Costa at the CNE

There are already more than half a dozen complaints that the National Elections Commission has received against António Costa for using the PRR in campaign speeches. The entity, however, should make a decision this Thursday. This Wednesday, the DN knows, another complaint was filed with the CNE, this time presented by Luís Nuno Rebelo Fernandes … Read more

Who is this Costa screaming against GALP?

September 5, 2018 – The Petrogal Workers Committee states that since 2017 GALP has not hired a single worker with a permanent contract, despite the fact that 260 people have left the company and only 31 have joined, all with a precarious contract. The company declared profits in 2017 worth 602 million euros. Note: the … Read more

Portugal received over 64,500 foreigners until August

Povitar Singh, better known as Sandy, is still trying to figure out the best way to win over customers for the restaurant that opened three months ago next to Avenida de Roma, in Lisbon. Lunch buffet started this week because those who work in the area told him they need to “eat well and quickly”. … Read more

Eight detainees last night in Bairro Alto and Cais do Sodré

Police arrested two people for possession of drugs, two for “offenses to the physical integrity of the agents”, two for “theft of residence”, one for possession of a bladed weapon and the other “for an arrest warrant”, according to a statement from the Command Metropolitan of the PSP. In addition to the arrests, revealed the … Read more

rise in the price of light is inevitable

The electricity bill will become more expensive, experts admit, given the rising price of raw material in the wholesale market. The price has been breaking successive records for weeks in the Mibel-Iberian Electricity Market, and this week it even approached 150 euros per megawatt/hour (MWh) in some hours of the day. Friday slowed down and … Read more

″The United States no longer wants to be the police of the world″

“Brexit is a vaccine against the internal dismemberment of the European Union. Then, from Brexit, support levels [à União Europeia], in public opinion, increased. ” solidity” and “absolute unity”. “I don’t see any country even thinking about leaving the European Union, I don’t even see political forces that were previously anti-European, anti-euro [a defender o … Read more