‘In Ukraine there is hardly any room for criticism of the government’

EPA Gert-Jan Dennekamp news reporter Gert-Jan Dennekamp news reporter The access roads to the government district in Kyiv have been closed for a year now. Behind the barricades and armed men lie the parliament and the Mariinsky Palace of President Zelensky. But even though the administrative heart of Ukraine is closed to visitors; politics is … Read more

A gap between city and countryside? That depends on who you ask

Jilmer PostmaDutch flags on the head near the Postdijk Roemer Ockhuysen news editor Roemer Ockhuysen news editor The gap between city and countryside is one of the major themes in the run-up to the Provincial Council elections. A sense of incomprehension between different regions is said to be at the root of tensions in society; … Read more

Turkey is chasing construction companies, but critics seek responsibility higher up

AFPA destroyed neighborhood in Hatay, Turkey Nazar Mitra correspondent Turkey Nazar Mitra correspondent Turkey The Turkish government has launched a hunt for shady construction companies whose buildings failed to withstand last month’s massive earthquakes. So far, 230 people have been arrested. It concerns various contractors and construction magnates, whose brand new apartment buildings have collapsed … Read more

After a year of war ‘we can conclude that Macron’s diplomacy has failed’

EPAMacron meets Putin in Moscow just weeks before war is due to break out Saskia Dekkers correspondent Europa Saskia Dekkers correspondent Europa A year has passed since the Russians invaded Ukraine. The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, did not want to stand on the sidelines and began a diplomatic offensive. Was that successful? Two French … Read more

‘Humanitarian superpower’ Sweden closes the shutters further now that the right rules

Polaris Images For years, Sweden was the Valhalla for refugees. But times have changed. The new government wants to tighten asylum rules, especially because of fear of terrorism. This is not only the result of the arrival of a right-wing cabinet, the accession to NATO also plays a role. “I fear what is to come,” … Read more

Hardly anyone wants to do business with the Taliban, but China senses an opportunity

News hour Zainab Hammoud news reporter Coen Nij Bijvank news editor Zainab Hammoud news reporter Coen Nij Bijvank news editor For less than 2.50 euros a day, Sayed Hassan works in the coal mines of the Afghan province of Bamyan. “It’s very tough. We go in 100 to 150 yards. It’s very tight and you … Read more

At current gas prices, the price cap costs ‘only’ 4.7 billion

NOS If gas prices remain at current levels, the cost of the energy price cap will be billions less than expected. The cabinet will then lose 4.7 billion euros, reports the Central Planning Bureau (CPB). News hour. That amount is considerably lower than the tens of billions that the emergency measure would cost in a … Read more

Why Russia and China keep visiting each other

AFP Discuss how we can collaborate more; that was the approach of the video call between President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping on Friday. It’s not the first time the two have met. What do they hope to collect? According to Frank Pieke, professor of Modern China Studies, they first find each … Read more