Start of the repatriation of 7,100 seasonal workers from Huelva, 6 boats mobilized

The repatriation plan for the 7,100 Moroccan seasonal workers from the province of Huelva, which will see the mobilization of 6 boats made available by the Moroccan state, was launched this Saturday, July 18, said the Moroccan embassy in Spain. To this end, the ambassador of Morocco in Madrid, Karima Benyaich, went to Huelva to … Read more

Cancer: a new treatment stops tumor growth

By Leïla Driss the 24/06/2020 at 18: 30 According to a scientific testing carried out in the United Kingdom, a drug may prevent cancer cells from repairing themselves. hasHas Conducted by the Institute of cancer research and the Royal Mardsen NHS Trust, this trial gives hope to many patients with a form of this disease. … Read more