Fritz!Box 4060 in the test: All good things come in threes – multimedia

Don’t let the name fool you: Even if the Fritz!Box 4060 is not at the top of the model range in terms of number, it has a lot under the hood. The German network technology specialist AVM has achieved a small stroke of genius with the new Fritz!Box 4060. Different to in the last tested … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE in the test: fantastically refreshing – multimedia

The “FE” could stand for fantastically refreshing. Samsung’s new S21 smartphone impresses with its low price and the brothers’ flagship features. Even when Samsung released its “Fan Edition” of the Galaxy S20, the enthusiasm of the users was great. With the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE the company is now going one step further. The 5G … Read more

Whatsapp is planning this new, mysterious feature – multimedia

You will soon be able to set up so-called communities in the Whatsapp chat app. What exactly these are used for, however, is still unclear. Whatsapp will soon have a new function. This is called Community. What the function should be used for, however, is still unclear. All that is known is that it is … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE trumps with price and power – multimedia

As with the predecessor model S20, Samsung is also releasing the Galaxy S21 on Fan Edition “FE”. It shows up strong, but at a really low price. Samsung surprises the beginning of the year with the announcement of a new smartphone – and it’s not the Galaxy S22. Rather, the technology group has launched the … Read more

Is Apple building three screens in its cyber glasses? – multimedia

Conventional VR glasses have two high-resolution displays – one for each eye. Experts believe Apple will change that. There are many rumors about potential VR glasses from Apple, but almost nothing is officially known about the product. So far, the only thing that is certain is that the company has invested a great deal of … Read more

How to secretly sneak out of WhatsApp groups – multimedia

150 texts a day in group chats that don’t interest you at all, but don’t dare to leave them? We’ll tell you a trick. In group chats, several people can exchange ideas with one another on WhatsApp at the same time. This is usually practical, but it can also get annoying if messages are sent … Read more

Milky Way twin discovered in the distant universe – Science

Researchers used various radio telescopes to study star formation in a galaxy in the early Universe – and they struck gold. A galaxy with cold gas physical properties similar to that Milky Way discovered a research team with participation from Austria in the distant universe. For the first time, such a Milky Way twin was … Read more

Rubbish collection – need to catch up with plastic – climate protection

A current study shows: one in four wants to separate waste better in 2022. According to the ARA, the collection quotas were met for paper, glass and metal. Domestic households collected 1,082,300 tons of packaging and waste paper this year, almost as much as in 2020. Due to the pandemic, the amount of glass collected … Read more

Suddenly “not vaccinated” – be careful when changing mobile phones – multimedia

Pull out the cell phone, show 2 or 3G proof: These steps have become everyday life for many. But you have to be careful when you change your cell phone. It happened in front of a restaurant in downtown Vienna: Frank (35) wanted to eat. At the entrance he was asked to show his certificate. … Read more

22 games that we are particularly looking forward to in 2022 – games

2021 was a bombastic game year! In 2022, however, that should easily be in the shade. We take you with us to our 22 game highlights 2022. “Evil West” Focus Entertainment and Flying Wild Hog showed the Gameplay Reveal Trailer for “Evil West” (2022 for PC, PlayStation, Xbox), the Dark Fantasy, Weird West third-person action … Read more