These 6 things are now changing on WhatsApp – Digital

The Facebook subsidiary WhatsApp has given its voice messaging feature six new functions. “Today” has all the details. In 2013 the first voice message was sent via WhatsApp sent. The function is now used seven billion times a day – and the trend is rising. In view of the great popularity, the Facebook-Daughter hard on … Read more

“Have a Nice Death” starts – death threatens burnout – games

Have a Nice Death has entered Early Access. There are still minor balancing issues, but the gameplay is already top-notch. Death is completely overworked, his minions are out of control and both salvation and holiday plans are completely derailed. Welcome to the 2D action roguelike Have a Nice Death from developer Magic Design Studios and … Read more

Video shows rocket impact on the moon – Science

A three-tonne rocket stage from China, tumbling uncontrollably through space, hit the moon a few days ago. A piece of rocket flying uncontrolled through space heading for the Mouth staggered, had recently made headlines worldwide. First it was said that the three-ton rocket stage belonged to the US billionaire Elon Musk. But this was soon … Read more

Apophis is coming – Asteroid emergency already in 2029 – World

NASA wants to shoot down dangerous asteroids with a giant “shotgun”. The reason: As early as 2029, “Apophis” could get serious. After NASA information The asteroid “Apophis” with a diameter of over 300 meters will come dangerously close to Earth in 2029. “Pi – Terminal Defense for Humanity” is now being traded as a secret … Read more

The Fiat Ulysse returns after an 11-year hiatus – Motor

With the E-Ulysse, the previously popular van series is now returning to the Fiat range. From 1994 to 2011, the Fiat Ulysse was available in two generations as a practical family van. Now the new edition of the Ulysse is coming onto the market after an 11-year break. Compared to its predecessors, however, the new … Read more

“Doom 2” gets a new level for Ukraine – Games

John Romero is one of the fathers of the first-person shooter and is releasing a new level “Doom 2” from 1994. The proceeds are supposed to go to Ukraine. If it weren’t for John Romero, maybe Counter-Strike, Call of Duty or Valorant wouldn’t exist. He is one of the fathers of the first-person shooter that … Read more

Huawei Watch GT Runner: Wrist Running Trainer – Multimedia

Aerodynamic design, precision tracking and the usual strong battery – a look at the new smartwatch from the Huawei Watch GT series. Athletes know the problem: you want to make as much progress as possible with your training. But your own perception is sometimes deceptive. So support is needed. And that’s where the Huawei Watch … Read more

Russia threatens to crash ISS space station on Europe – Ukraine

NASA is currently exploring ways to operate the International Space Station without Russian help. For 20 years, the US space agency Nasa, the European space agency ESA and its Russian counterpart Roskosmos have ensured that the manned International Space Station ISS safely orbits the earth at an altitude of 408 kilometers. International cooperation in space … Read more

Putin stops cash export: Russians storm ATMs

As a reaction to the sanctions against Russia, Vladimir Putin is now restricting the export of cash from Russia. The location in Ukraine war keeps getting worse. Now Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to prevent the outflow of money from his country. In view of the massive international sanctions, he restricts the export of foreign … Read more

This watch aims to make you a better athlete – multimedia

This watch should make you a better athlete: Huawei announces the Watch GT Runner with training and running coach. The part costs 299 euros. Shortly after Huawei launched a whole series of new products – the Smartphone Huawei P50 Pro, the luxury folding phone Huawei P50 Pocketthe headphones Huawei FreeBuds Lipstick and the portable one … Read more