NASA: Juno probe loses images of Jupiter in overflight

The camera JunoCam from the spaceship Juno from NASA did not capture most of the images expected during the last flyby of Jupiter on January 22. Data received from the spacecraft indicates that the camera experienced a problem similar to the one that occurred on its previous flyby of the gas giant last month, when … Read more

Starlink, Elon Musk’s satellite internet, already works in Peru: How much does it cost to get it?

Starlinkthe satellite internet of Elon Musk, It is already officially available in Peru from this weekend. This was announced by SpaceX itself through a tweet in Spanish from its official account. Starlink prices in Peru Starlink It is a service for which you only need a receiving antenna to install at home. To obtain a … Read more

Billionaire spends $2 million a year to reduce his biological age

A millionaire director of biotechnology has begun a crusade to reduce its age biology in 5 years and for this it is allocating 2 million dollars a year. Bryan Johnson, 44, is paying to undergo a rigorous medical program that seeks to keep his body as if he were an 18-year-old. Will he make it? … Read more

Netflix will start charging for password sharing in more countries around the world this 2023

Netflix has announced that it will start charging extra for sharing the password of their accounts as early as March 2023. This function, initially tested in Peru, Chile and Costa Ricawill expand to the rest of the world with a single mission: to allow the company to generate more revenue per year. Goodbye to shared … Read more

6G networks: Scientists propose using people ‘as antennas’

Despite the fact that the networks are just being implemented 5G In much of the world, researchers and scientists are already thinking of a higher network: the 6G. This type of connectivity would have a great change, since it would not use radio waves to transmit the information, but alternatives such as visible light communication … Read more

Reddit joins forces to help a guy who spent 9 hours building his PC and almost ‘threw it out the window’

build one PC It can be a daunting task if you do not have prior knowledge. However, it is also one of the most pleasant joys for gamers, who save and usually buy the components of their computers part by part. The key point of the whole process is the moment of turning on the … Read more

Samsung raises the fence in the input range with the Galaxy A14 5G

It is expected that Samsung will renew its high range with the Galaxy S23 at the beginning of February, but the South Korean company does not neglect the input range either, with a new cell phone shown at the CES 2023. The Galaxy A14 5G is an example of this, offering this connectivity in an … Read more

CES 2023: Motorola ThinkPhone, features and price

Motorola has been able to recapture global interest with its new products. Global trust in the brand, Motorola’s end-to-end solutions developed in security issues, its participation in businesses and its integration with Lenovo are solid arguments for jumping into a B2B market. As part of the advertisements within the CES 2023, Motorola presents to ThinkPhonethe … Read more