I can’t buy a game console because it’s too popular! Head of Xbox: Series X/S supply is no less than ever | Games | New Headshells Newtalk

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, was interviewed by the New York Times Podcast yesterday, and he said that the current next-generation console, the Xbox Series X/S, is already selling faster than any previous Xbox game console. Figure: Retrieved from Xbox Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox have been rivals on home consoles for … Read more

“Secondary Second By-election” Auntie suspected of “scrutinizing votes” with a coffee cup with pinholes Chen Baiwei: I have watched it twice | Politics | New Head Shell Newtalk

Some people found that outside the polling office of the U-R-Nine German Small Poll in Taichung, someone was holding a coffee cup photographed with a pinhole, and it was suspected that they were “monitoring votes”.Picture: Taken from Chen Baiwei’s Facebook Taichung’s second constituency legislature by-election will be held today (9th), but various chaos occurred in … Read more

The previous theory says there are results, see if there is no! New research confirms that there is no “dark matter” in galaxies 250 million light-years away from Earth | Technology | 新头壳 Newtalk

Schematic diagram of the galaxy.Picture: Reposted from NASA According to the latest research, a galaxy about 250 million light-years away from the Earth, which is about the size of the Milky Way, cannot find any “dark matter”. The mainstream cosmic cognitive model theory believes that dark matter must exist in the AGC 114905 galaxy to … Read more

The Steam Award list is out! “Evil Spirit Castle: Village” won the Game of the Year Award | E-sports | Newtalk

“Evil Castle: Village” was selected as the 2021 Steam Game of the Year.Picture: Retrieved from the Twitter of “Evil Spirit Castle” The third-party PC game platform Steam announced today (4) the winners of the 2021 Steam Awards. Capcom’s first-person horror game “Evil Castle: Village” was selected as the “Game of the Year” and “Game of … Read more

The game director of “Two Persons” said that NFT products will not be released in the future, bluntly saying “Games are art” | Game | New head shell Newtalk

In the interview, Josef Fares did not reveal the next step of Hazelight Game Studio, but there is nothing good about the recent popular NFT. He would say that he would rather be “shot in the knee” than the future game will be included in the NFT release plan. .Picture: Retrieved from EA website In … Read more

Buy it at the end of the year! Swedish Game Holdings acquires the third largest comic company in the United States | Games | Newtalk

Embracer Group acquired Dark Horse Comics, the third largest comics publisher in the United States.Picture: Turned over from the fan page of Dark Horse Comics The Swedish game holding company Embracer Group announced yesterday (21) that it had acquired Dark Horse Comics, the third largest comics publisher in the United States. Embracer Group said that … Read more

2021 TGA viewership hits a record high of 85 million, and YouTube watch time reaches 1.75 million hours | Game | New head shell Newtalk

TGA founder and host Geoff Keighley announced on his personal Twitter this morning that the number of TGA viewers in 2021 has reached a new high. This year’s ceremony live viewership has reached 85 million, an increase of 14% from last year.Picture: Retrieved from TGA official website The 2021 The Game Awards, known as the … Read more

“Diablo IV” Q4 quarter development log: new character development system “peak panel” | Game | New head shell Newtalk

The fourth quarter quarter update of “Diablo IV” focuses on the game system and item system.Figure: Retrieved from Blizzard Entertainment Blizzard Entertainment’s official blog was released yesterday (20)“Diablo IV” quarterly update for the last quarter of this year, Mainly reveal the update items of the important contents of the item system, including: re-emergence of skill … Read more

No one has gone before! “Hades” became the first game in history to win a Hugo Award | E-sports | New head shell Newtalk

“Hades” became the first game in history to receive the Hugo Award.Figure: Reversed from the official website of Supergiant Games The World Science Fiction Association presented the winners of the 2021 Hugo Award yesterday (19). The role-playing fighting game “Hades” that won the 2021 GDC Game of the Year Award in July defeated the other … Read more

NASA “touches” the sun for the first time! Parker probe enters the solar atmosphere and detects “pseudo-current” matter | Technology | 新头壳 Newtalk

The “Parker” solar probe entered the solar atmosphere through the corona for the first time.Image: Retrieved from NASA Sun Science’s official Facebook page The American Geophysical Union’s 2021 Fall Meeting (AGU Fall Meeting 2021) was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. Scientists announced at the press conference that the Parker Solar Probe (Parker Solar Probe) sent … Read more