MA Refuses Cassation, Marriage of Nikita Mirzani and Dipo Latief Sah

Nikita Mirzani donates IDR 100 million to help deal with Corona (Source: Instagram / @ nikitamirzanimawardi_17) JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Supreme Court (MA) officially rejects the appeal filed for divorce Dipo Latief. Thus, marriage Dipo Latief and Nikita Mirzani still declared valid nationally and religiously. Not only that, the child of this marriage, Arkana Mawardi, is … Read more

The talented hockey player Nikita Jevpalov will continue his career in Austria

The Austrian championship team announced on Tuesday that it has been joined by three players, including Jevpalov. The Dornbirn club have not been able to reach the playoffs for two consecutive seasons. For the past two seasons, the striker has represented the American Hockey League (AHL) team Laval Rocket, which has played a total of … Read more

Admittedly having ML, Nikita Mirzani was scolded by Vicky Nitinegoro – Artist Nikita Mirzani recently made a horrendous confession on the YouTube channel Roy Ricardo. This widow of three children admitted that she had sex with Vicky Nitinegoro. After circulating the content, Vicky Nitinegoro also expressed his disappointment through Instagram Story. The disappointment was written in harsh words. When confirmed about this, Nikita Mirzani … Read more

Starting for fun, Nikita Willy is grateful that her property business is well known

JAKARTA, – Apart from being an actress, Nikita Willy known as a businessman in the property sector. Nikita Willy has been involved property business since the age of 15. In the podcast Sandiaga Uno, the actress who is only 26 years old, said that her property business is becoming increasingly popular. Also read: The … Read more

Nikita Mirzani Crying Remembering that Anang Hermansyah used to prefer Syahrini – Nikita Mirzani it turned out that he had been a prime candidate for a duet friend Anang Hermansyah before Syahrini. But he failed because Anang preferred Syahrini. Given this, Nikita broke down in tears when telling her on the YouTube channel Gofar Hilman recently. Nikita could not hold back her tears as she … Read more

Nikita Willy Emotion Labrak and Block Joshua Suherman, What’s up?

Jakarta, Insertlive – Nikita Willy tells ever hit the best friend Joshua Suherman for interfering in his personal affairs. The story is told by Indra Priawan’s fiancé in a podcast guided by Jordi Onsu. In the video uploaded on YouTube, Jordy tells about Nikita who ever hit Joshua. Jordi admitted that he had listened to … Read more

Cibiran Nikita Mirzani Responded to Amanda Manopo, Billy Syahputra’s Lover Called No Level

BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – Cibiran from controversial artists Nikita Mirzani finally responded to the soap opera Amanda Manopo. Yes, Amanda Manopo initially commented on her lover’s feud Billy Syahputra with Nikita Mirzani. Amanda Manopo even claimed not to know about the feud of her lover. So, therefore, he did not want to interfere more in the affairs … Read more

Compete for Public Figure at Nikita Willy’s Application Event, Enchanting!

Nikita Willy and Indra Priawan have officially held an application procession on Sunday (07/26/2020). Located at The Dharmawangsa, the proposal procession was also attended by family and a line of close friends. Curious as to what style of public figures present at the Nikita proposal procession? Come on, let’s just see below! 1. Winona Willy … Read more

10 Super Magnificent Portrait of Nikita Willy and Indra Priawan

Good news came from young actress Nikita Willy and her lover, Indra Priawan Djokosoetono. After a long enough romance, the couple finally decided to hold an application event on Sunday (07/26/2020). Held very magnificently, the application process of Nikita and Indra was held at the Dharmawangsa Hotel, Jakarta. Now, what kind of a super luxurious … Read more

Lamar Nikita Willy, Indra Priawan Tear Flood

Nikita Willy and lover, Indra Priawan. Photo: Instagram, JAKARTA – actress Nikita Willy officially proposed by her lover, Indra Priawan Djokosoetono. The application program was held in private at the Darmawangsa Hotel, South Jakarta on Sunday (7/26). The historic moment for Nikita Willy and Indra Priawan was colored with sobs. Especially when Indra said … Read more