The appearance of this Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R Anti-Drinking Gasoline makes you laugh, you can use it on the road, even if the rider is sweating

Instagram collage @recordjakarta & @arro_gantz The appearance of the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R anti-drinking gasoline makes you laugh out loud, when you use it on the road, the driver sweats – Look Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R This anti-drinking gasoline makes you laugh, when you use it on the road, the driver sweats. The presence of the … Read more

Very Funny! Kawasaki Ninja 150 SS Turns Into Midget, Legendary 2-Stroke Engine Retired To Replace This Item

Rangga/ Kawasaki Ninja 150 SS turns into a midget stretcher cute legs, the legendary 2-stroke engine retired to be replaced by this item – Kawasaki Ninja 150 SS Turned into a Midget Stretching Cute Legs, The Legendary 2-Stroke Engine Retired To Be Replaced With This Item. 2-stroke motorcycle lovers should be familiar with the … Read more

Idol or Ninja ! Netizens tease BLACKPINK has a magical door of Doraemon

Although BLACKPINK will not release new songs. They will also receive this special award: The Idol Group that travels the most frequently abroad in 2021! Since “Lovesick Girls” was released more than a year ago, despite the constant requests of fans for a comeback, BLACKPINK has yet to release new songs. Makes fans feel “dizzy” … Read more

Koei Tecmo revealed that Team Ninja is developing a Three Kingdoms action game | 4Gamers

On the live broadcast of KOU SHIBUSAWA’s 40th anniversary last night, Koei Tecmo secretly revealed the news that a brand new Three Kingdoms action game is being developed. Here is another review of KT’s development units. There are five main development units under Koei Tecumo, responsible for strategy games, such as “KOU SHIBUSAWA” of “Three … Read more

New Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX. Approval documents revealed – News

After a year of absence from the European market – in the absence of Euro 5 homologation – the very powerful Sport Tourer Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX it could soon be back on the Kawasaki list. The discovery by our colleagues of cycleworld new European “type approvals” for the model in question. In a nutshell: … Read more

Jukir Medan Like Ninja, Came Not There, Came Home Appeared

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Mayor of Medan, Bobby Nasution said all this time the parking attendant or technician at Medan when quoting public roadside parking fees often act like a ninja. “What we have felt so far is that we think we are like ninjas. We come and go invisible, we can see,” he said … Read more

Cristiano Ronaldo fights the ninja.. Watch the strange video

Fans are so used to seeing the soccer icon roll, jump, twist, flip, flip, and sometimes stumble, throughout his career on the green rectangle, few would forget the dramatic high scissor kick he scored for Real Madrid at Juventus in 2018.. However, early yesterday, Thursday, Ronaldo went to his account on Instagram to display his … Read more

Kawasaki unveils its hybrid motorcycle: the Ninja 400 of the future

Kawasaki Ninja 400 Hybrid After viewing your patents, Kawasaki already released information about its future hybrid bikes months ago. These are “parallel” hybrids, that is, motorcycles that They can work independently with their gasoline engine, with the electric one, or by combining the two. The idea is easy to understand, then you have to put … Read more