Pokémon Masters EX advances the arrival of Serena, Xerneas and Yveltal, Dinamax and more – Nintenderos

Here we bring you a small compilation of the news that this mobile application has received today. This is a preview of the events that are already available (or will be soon) in Pokémon Masters EX. We leave them below: New Blissful Bonanza event confirmed to take place on January 21 along with the addition … Read more

[Act.] New images of Pokémon Unite are filtered, showing us costumes for Pokémon and more – Nintenderos

Upgrade: We leave you nNew images of the Pokémon Unite beta, where we can see what Pikachu and Charizard will also have costumes. Original news: For that datamine of Pokémon Unite It has allowed us to know new and interesting details about this game that is on its way to mobile phones and Nintendo Switch. … Read more

You can now see the video preview of the next chapter of the anime Pokémon Travel – Nintenderos

As planned, today a new episode of the anime of Pokémon. At the end, it was shown, as usual, what we can find in the future. For those of you who keep the series up to date in its Japanese broadcast, here we bring you this preview of the next episode, which is starring agricultural … Read more

The Nintendo 3DS family of consoles outsold the entire Xbox range last year in Japan – Nintenderos

We already shared with you on the web that Nintendo Switch and its games really swept Japan last year. However, now we have a curious piece of information related this time to Nintendo 3DS. And it is that, apparently, the Nintendo 3DS brand surpassed the family of consoles of Xbox, which includes Xbox Series X, … Read more

Ash’s early sketches show a slightly different design – Nintenderos

The figure of Ash has become a reference in one of the most important animated series in the industry, Pokémon, especially due to the popularity that anime has reached thanks to its constant redesigns over the years. Not only Pokémon have changed, but also the design of the world and even the protagonist has been … Read more

Learn how to find Frillish in Pokémon GO and make him evolve Jellicent – Nintenderos

Among all the news that came this month to Pokémon GO reminiscent of previous generations, the company held a couple of events making some more frequent appearances Pokémon from the regions of Teselia and Sinnoh. Not only that, but Niantic also confirmed Frillish’s arrival at Pokémon GO, a species that has become popular for its … Read more

This trainer made a show of luck capturing an incredible Pokémon in Pokémon Sword and Shield – Nintenderos

The latest DLC from the popular Pokémon Sword and Shield titled The snows of the crown introduced a new way of dealing with raids with new Pokémon, a new map, and many more characters to interact with. But one of the most interesting features of the new DLC is probably the Dynamax Adventures, which in … Read more

This was “Gifuto”, the version of Delibird in the beta of Pokémon Gold and Silver – Nintenderos

As we have seen on other occasions, also thanks to Dr. Lava, many Pokémon have ended up having a different design than planned in the beta versions of video games. Well, the one already known to all Delibird had the name of «Gifuto» in the beta versions of Pokémon Gold and Silver, launched in 1997 … Read more

Pokémon GO seems to have generated 1.92 billion dollars in profits in 2020 – Nintenderos

Nintendo has had different kinds of successes over the years, but one that no one saw coming was in the mobile games market, especially in 2016 with its augmented reality proposition Pokémon GO, in which he worked together with Niantic and The Pokémon Company. The funny thing is that although the years go by and … Read more

They play Pokémon Red through a Twitter profile image – Nintenderos

Pokémon Red It is one of the most appreciated installments of the series, which undoubtedly remains in the hearts of many. It is for this reason that fans of the game have long tried to keep it alive on social media. Twitch Plays Pokémon was a way to do it through the comments in the … Read more