Chinese Women’s Football | “Niu Wan” Chen Wanting’s interview with the head coach yesterday is expected to be released in the next week (18:03)-20211017-Sports-News

Mainland media reported that five people participated in the interview with the head coach of the Chinese Women’s Football Team yesterday, including Chen Wanting, Guangzhou City Super League team leader Zhao Junzhe, former Chinese Women’s Football Coach Zhang Haitao, Chinese Women’s U20 Head Coach Wang Jun, and Chinese Women’s League Shaanxi Women’s Football Head Coach … Read more

“Niu Maru” Chen Wanting is the only woman among the candidates for the head coach of Chinese women’s football

[Tilu News]The open recruitment of the Chinese women’s football coach closed at midnight today (12th). The mainland media “Beijing Youth Daily” confirmed that the Hong Kong female football coach Chen Wanting, nicknamed “Niuwan”, is on the list of candidates. Three other mainland male coaches and celebrities are arguing for the coach. The 33-year-old Chen Wanting … Read more

“Mother-in-law’s Bracelet” is set for Lan Yingying and Niu Junfeng face the wedding trial-China Daily

On August 23, the immersive new-age family relationship drama “Mother-in-law’s Bracelet” directed by Li Ang and screened by Chu Min, Xu Luyan and Zhu Ziwei released the finalized trailer, husband and wife relationship posters and single role posters, Lan Yingying, Niu Junfeng Five starring actors, Wu Junmei, Wang Herun, and Chen Miqi all appeared. It … Read more