WhatsApp: Custom backgrounds for calls come to iOS

In WhatsApp Beta for iOS, when you make a call to a contact, you can see the person’s profile picture in a large circle in the middle of your screen. Now, with the latest update, the famous messaging platform is working to improve that interface. According to information from WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working to offer … Read more

James Webb and how he can revolutionize science from the universe

More than a million kilometers away, the telescope James Webb it is fully deployed waiting to arrive at its next “work center” to carry out one of the most important scientific missions in history: to look at the universe as no one has ever seen it. Last Christmas, when the world celebrated one of the … Read more

Hacker claims to be in control of all Tesla vehicles in the world

One hacker has indicated that it has full access to the fleet of cars Tesla in the world after finding a vehicle software vulnerability. Researcher David Colombo assures that “he obtained remote control of at least 20 Tesla in ten different countries ”. Tesla did not confirm or deny the hack to BloombergBut Colombo told … Read more

The International Space Station will be visible from Peru this Thursday

The International Space Station It will be visible this Thursday, January 6, in different parts of Peru. The ship with a human presence can be seen with the naked eye as a bright spot soaring through the sky this Thursday. According to data from Asismet, the International Space Station It will appear in the southwest … Read more

China mocks US and UK fear of Huawei with parody

This Tuesday, the Chinese state media Xinhua posted a parody video about ‘spying’ fears they have U.S Y United Kingdom about the chinese giant Huawei. In the video, he introduces himself to two spy agents from the European country. After receiving a call with an ‘important mission’, agent “James Pond” speculates that Julian Assange may … Read more

Elizabeth Holmes: How did you make Silicon Valley believe you were “the next Steve Jobs”?

Elizabeth Holmes was found guilty of fraud on Monday by a court of California. The 37-year-old woman was considered at the time one of the greatest promises in the technological world along with her company Theranos. How did you get it? Holmes founded Theranos with only 19 years in 2004 after leaving Stanford University. His … Read more

CES 2022: Asus promises the ‘most powerful’ gaming tablet

Asus wants to enter the market of tablets with “the most powerful” for gaming. The company, specialized in laptops and peripherals, wants to change the focus of tablets, which have been focused on design and telecommuting, and want them to be synonymous with video games. Tablet gaming Asus is marking January 4 to present the … Read more

Starship: orbital flight delayed until March 2022

The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FEW) has postponed its environmental assessment of the rocket’s first orbital flight Starship from SpaceX until the end of February 2022, so the mission cannot be launched until at least March of next year. The FEW thought take the assessment on December 31, so that Elon Musk, founder of … Read more

Eating with worms and sleeping on the floor: this is how iPhone assemblers in India passed it

Foxconn, the company responsible for assembling the iPhone, is in the crosshairs after the appalling conditions of workers at one of its plants in India were revealed. After protests were registered by workers, mainly women, Apple He sent an auditor and ended up putting the factory on hold until he improves the facilities where some … Read more

China will begin to punish users who ‘show their wealth’ on social media

The Chinese authorities have declared war on the content of social networks what is considered “alarming wealth”, amid radical calls by Chinese President Xi Jinping to combat inequality. As Xi stands for a third term, he has presented himself as a man of the people, leading a campaign against entrenched interests. Financial regulators have cracked … Read more