Cryptocurrencies: Celsius Network Files for Bankruptcy

the market of cryptocurrencies it is going through a downward stage pushed, mainly, by world inflation. However, the mismanagement of individual companies has also scared off investors, causing distrust and general chaos. This has been the case for two digital currency lenders, Celsius Network y Voyager Digitalwho have collapsed in recent weeks and even their … Read more

James Webb’s First Discovery: Evidence of Clouds and Haze Found on WASP-96 b

James Webb you are already doing science. Through the revelation of its first images, the telescope has captured water vapor in the exoplanet’s atmosphere WASP-96 b. The NASA has also pointed out that the image is the most accurate to date of an outer planet’s atmosphere. Water in WASP-96b WASP-96 b It is located 1,150 … Read more

‘I think you appear in this video, is that you?’: Beware of this link sent by Messenger

Social media is a very popular medium for scams and many unsuspecting users are at risk of being swayed by fake messages using the scam method. phishing. In this context, a mechanism of deception and data theft has become popular again under a message of Messenger: “I think you appear in this video, is that … Read more

Twitter will sue Elon Musk for abandoning the purchase and he answers with a meme

La red social Twitter has hired one of the best law firms in the world to sue Elon Musk for withdrawing from its purchase for 44 billion dollars. According to Bloomberg, Twitter hired Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz LLP, a firm that specializes in merger litigation and has connections to the Delaware court system, where … Read more

Facebook in trouble: Mark Zuckerberg assures that they are experiencing “the worst recession in recent history”

The CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberghas announced to its workers that the world is going through “the worst crisis in years” so it will reduce the workforce in the company. The message was sent through a video call last Thursday, according to The New York Times, to its more than 77 thousand employees. Meta will … Read more

Elon Musk breaks his silence on Twitter with a photo with Pope Francis

The American billionaire Elon Musk broke his silence on Twitter, the company he is buying, posting several photos this Saturday, including one of him next to the Pope Francisco. “Honored to meet @Pontifex yesterday” [viernes]he indicated in his tweet, in which he published a photo in which he is seen dressed in black to the … Read more

Apple’s mixed reality headset will launch in 2023 with M2 chips and 16GB of RAM, analysts say

During the last few hours, a great deal of information has come out about the alleged glasses of mixed reality the ones you are working on Apple. In addition to dating it for early 2023, there is now talk of the power of the glasses, which seek to kick start the company in what is … Read more

Restaurant that opened with the purpose of accepting cryptocurrencies now only receives dollars

A restaurant in the United States has had to change its policy of cryptocurrencies after the market fell sharply in recent weeks. Bored & Hungry, a restaurant born in Long Beach, California, had become globally popular after announcing that it would accept ethereum and apecoin as a way to massify the cryptocurrencies. However, a current … Read more

Path Tracing: NVIDIA explains what this evolution of Ray Tracing means

The ray tracing it is a computational process that allows us to simulate lighting much better. This technology was simulated on a computer by Arthur Appel in 1968, but only reached the mass market when NVIDIA included support in the hardware of its cards GeForce RTX of Serie 20 in 2018. In many games, the … Read more