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Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet formed one of the strongest couples in Hollywood for more than 16 years, until it was announced on January 12 that they decided to go their separate ways. He was the star ofGame of Thrones” who made the news public on his Instagram account, leaving his more than 16 million … Read more

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The aggressive coronavirus does not distinguish people. A group of actors from the soap opera “Bitter land”And staff of the aforementioned Ottoman production, which has become the favorite in several countries, have to battle against this disease that has forced them to remain in quarantine for several days to receive the necessary treatment and care. … Read more

Ana Lucía Domínguez: the reason for Ruth Uribe’s absence in Pasión de gavilanes 2 | Colombia | Telemundo soap operas nnda nnlt | CHEKA

The second season of “Passion of Hawks”Has become the most anticipated premiere in recent years. Since the sequel was confirmed, Telemundo has gradually released more information about the production. But what fans have wanted to know the most is the presence of their favorite actors. And, of course, the big absences. MORE INFORMATION: Find out … Read more

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Updated on 01/10/2022 04:30 pm With the beginning of 2022, there are several people who resort to astrology to find out how the next few months will go; And it is not for less, because taking into account that we are still living in the middle of the pandemic due to COVID-19, uncertainty takes hold … Read more

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Despite the fact that more than 18 years have passed since the departure of Celia Cruz, her legacy is still valid, so much so that when the name of the Cuban-American singer is heard, it is immediately related to music, flavor, joy and, above all, sugar! MORE INFORMATION: Let’s remember the long career of Celia … Read more

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If we comment on soap operas that became an international phenomenon, without a doubt “I am Betty the Ugly one” is one of them; since despite having been released in October 1999, until now it continues to cause a sensation. And it is not for less, because the story of Beatriz Pinzón and Armando Mendoza … Read more

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Updated on 01/06/2022 07:13 pm Justice takes time, but it comes. Channel 4 of United Kingdom gave 18,000 pounds (over $ 24,000) to a contestant from ‘I Literally Just Told You’, the new quiz show from Jimmy Carr; however, his contestant lost not because he did not know the answer but because the question was … Read more

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As part of your participation in Las Vegas, LG presented its line of televisions in CES 2022 headed by the OLED 2022 of the company. With an enhanced webOS offering even more smart features and services, the latest models are expected to enhance the display and user experience like never before. LOOK: Is the LG … Read more

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Every year more advanced smartphones and new versions of mobile operating systems compatible with incredible applications come out, such as iOS 15, the latest iPhone software where you can use an incredible platform capable of scanning any real-life object and converting it to a PNG image, with a transparent background or simply no background. Do … Read more

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Updated on 01/05/2022 08:52 pm When fiction imitates life. A mother of a family U.S He shared on social networks the adorable reaction of his little one to see himself reflected in one of the characters of ‘Charm‘, the latest animated film by Disney. This situation made her reflect on the importance of representation and … Read more