Recommended Noise Canceling Gaming Headset SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless: Dana and DPG DPG

SteelSeries, a global gaming gear brand established in 2001, is a brand that most people who are interested in gaming gear and esports know most of the time. It is a company that is doing vigorous marketing, such as launching a special edition of the game, and especially sponsoring a talent development program for the … Read more

“studio” sound and “intelligent” noise reduction on the program

The first technical details of the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro have just leaked a few days before their announcement. The big news would be in particular software with better active noise reduction or even spatialization effects. The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 in their case // Source: Frandroid On August 10, Samsung will unveil a … Read more

Leisure took over the streets and residents lost their rest | City

It’s already midnight on any Thursday in July. Between Travessa do Carvalho and the Sao Paulo street, there are several people who gather on the street with glasses in hand. You can hear the beats of the music that the bars project while, at the door of the establishment, customers chat excitedly. Some are standing … Read more

First time trying AMD Noise Suppression, there is a lot of room for improvement –

Noise Suppression is a pretty nice feature, but AMD has room to work on. AMD has added a new Noise Suppression feature in Radeon Software Adrenalin 22.7.1. We also downloaded the 22.7.1 version of the driver for the first time and made some simple measurements for AMD Noise Suppression. According to AMD, Noise Suppression mainly … Read more

Residents of the Seraing padel: “We are moving, we can’t take the noise anymore!”

5 years ago, Laurence bought a house in the Liserons district of Seraing, not far from the tennis club. His life has become hell since two padel courts were built there. So much so that the family decided to move… ****************** ** **** **** *** ******* ** ***** ** ** **** ******* ** ********* ** … Read more

White noise: people who make money by recording sounds such as rain and the washing machine

July 27, 2022 Almudena de Cabo BBC World Photo credit, Getty Images image caption, A working washing machine On the wave of podcasts, a new product seems to be gaining more and more followers: recording the sound of a washing machine, a fan or the rain has become a new business and has led some … Read more

noise reduction arrives, accompanied by a big boost in performance on OpenGL

By relying on an AI for recognizing background noise and identifying voices, active noise cancellation aims, like RTX Voice, to significantly improve the quality of your voice exchanges on PC. « AMD’s noise canceling feature reduces background noise from your surroundings, providing greater clarity and focus whether you’re focused on an important meeting or a … Read more

AMD launches noise cancellation technology Noise Suppression

MADRID, 27 Jul. (Portaltic/EP) – AMD has introduced a new technology called AMD Noise Suppression, which is capable of reducing background noise using a deep learning algorithm in real time during gameplay. the tech company has made known this new system in the presentation of the latest version of its AMD software driver: Adrenalin Edition … Read more

Los AMD Software Adrenalin 22.7.1 traen el AMD Noise Suppression

AMD announced new graphics drivers, Software Adrenalin 22.7.1which integrate the filtered characteristic AMD Noise Suppressionand noticeable performance improvements in Minecraft under the OpenGL API. AMD Noise Suppression is a technology of “elimination; noise attenuation“, which will thus seek to offer its users a counterpart to technology NVIDIA RTX Voicewhich was released 2 years ago at … Read more

A new wireless headphone that beats “Apple” in noise isolation

A group of researchers at the University of Washington has developed a pair of wireless headphones that are able to provide an advanced level of complete isolation of ambient noise, providing a distinctive experience when listening to music or your favorite audio program, as well as improving the listening of the other party to the … Read more