Apple may have dropped the built-in noise cancellation on the iPhone 13

Apple may have dropped the built-in noise cancellation on the iPhone 13 Apple’s noise-canceling accessibility feature was a major feature of previous iPhones, but it may have been permanently removed from the iPhone 13 series. 9to5Mac reporting. The feature is designed to “reduce ambient noise in phone calls when you put the handset to your … Read more

Apple: iPhone 13 doesn’t support background noise feature – Tablets and phones – News

Apple confirms that iPhone 13 models do not support Phone Noise Cancellation function. This function to limit background noise is on earlier models such as the iPhone XS. It is unknown why the feature is not present. According to 9to5mac, this omission initially seemed like a bug, but the site now writes that Apple seems … Read more

The iPhone 13 series does not have active noise reduction.

Like many of its competitors, Apple has used active noise reduction in their phones in the past, which means the phone filters out background noise. However, Apple recently revealed that no models in the iPhone 13 series have this feature. It’s not clear why Apple chose to remove this, but if you ask me it’s … Read more

Mayor Willebroek is more than tired of noise nuisance after four months: “Unseen how a company like this treats local residents” (Willebroek)

Mayor Eddy Bevers. The noise measurements were made at the places of the yellow dots. Thirty residents from the Geerhoek district in Blaasveld (Willebroek), which borders on the De Hulst business park, have been dealing with noise pollution from a logistics company since September. An independent expert came to do noise measurements that show that … Read more

Denmark. The CIA was to finance experiments on children from the orphanage. Chair with electrodes and noise | World news

From information Danish public television DR shows that the experiments were to involve about 311 Danish orphans aged three to fourteen. The aim of the research was to show the relationship between schizophrenia and genes and environmental factors. The author of “The Search for Yourself” is Per Wennick, who he says is one of the … Read more

Correction and apology for false alarms regarding “automobile noise regulation” coverage (Auto Messe Web) –Yahoo! News

Apology and correction Auto Messe Web delivered on December 28th, “The danger of extinction of sports mufflers? Is there a way for car enthusiasts to overcome the screaming annoyance by tightening” noise regulation “?” Due to the noise regulation “Phase 3” of automobiles, which is said to be introduced in the future, it is stated … Read more

They report a loud noise in several communes of Santiago – Nacional

During the early hours of this Wednesday a loud roar alerted the residents of various communes in Santiago. As indicated on social networks, the noise was felt in the communes of Ñuñoa, Providencia, Las Condes, Peñalolén, Macul, among others. Preliminarily, Firefighters indicated that it would be a firework detonated in Rotonda Grecia with Ramón Cruz, … Read more

Apple IPhone 13 Users Face Problem With Noise Cancellation During Voice Calls

PRIANGANTIMURNEWS- While all the latest iPhones come with noise cancellation for voice calls, the feature seems to be missing on the iPhone 13. Apple iPhone is one of the most famous smartphone series all over the world. Every year, Apple repeats the iPhone lineup, releasing new models that come with better features and user experience. … Read more

Korona, Tromsø | Test center in Tromsø had to be closed because passengers made noise

The Korona Center in Tromsø had to close for a period on Saturday due to some foreign passengers making noise. Operations Manager Karl-Erik Thomassen says Northern Lights that they were notified of two Norwegian persons who did not follow the rules at the test center. The two are said to have arrived by plane from … Read more

Away from the noise.. The National Human Rights Authority in the Emirates

Policy Friday 12/24/2021 06:07 AM Abu Dhabi time Away from the noise that some make as a result of their disappointment and bitterness.. After the UAE fulfilled its international commitment that it launched at the Human Rights Council during its participation in the universal periodic review before the International Council on Human Rights of the … Read more