Spends NOK 900,000 on outside help

Three years ago there was the first report of a demanding working environment at Bryne school. The municipality has not managed to clean up on its own, and is now spending NOK 900,000 on outside assistance. Published: Published: Yesterday 11:28 Read the whole story with a subscription Already a subscriber? sign in

State-owned Avinor failed to bankrupt Norwegian when they failed to pay their bills in 2018-2019 – a total of more than NOK 500 million. And when the pandemic hit Norwegian, the economy was so bad that they were once again on the verge of bankruptcy. Then they were saved – by government corona billions. – VG

SAVED: The airline Norwegian lives – twice at the mercy of the state, according to a new book. Photo: Cicilie S. Andersen / VG State-owned Avinor failed to bankrupt Norwegian when they did not pay their bills in 2018–2019. When the pandemic hit, the economy was so bad that they were again on the verge … Read more

Selling everything they own in Russia – for NOK 10

Several European and Japanese car manufacturers have had factories in Russia for many years. Some in collaboration with Russian actors – others have operated on their own. But after the invasion of Ukraine in February, many factories have come to an abrupt halt. A number of foreign companies responded by stopping the assembly lines. Since … Read more

Nicolai tangen, Oil Fund | Owns NOK 5.7 billion in questionable shares

comments expresses the writer’s opinions. It’s not the first time I’ve asked the question. It was in 2021: Debate: Open letter to Nicolai Tangen – VG. We are therefore talking about the French, now Swiss cement giant Lafarge (Holcim). The only Western firm that openly cooperated with the terrorist group IS after it stormed parts … Read more

“Look Nok Supaporn” weeps and breaks his heart, ending his marriage for more than 10 years, asking to return his life to each other

Super famous with hit songs “Mr. Longai” that can sell millions of CD tapes, but all of a sudden “Nok Supaporn” disappeared from the industry to have a family Recently referred to have revealed the story of being “Single mother” The couple’s life has ended for more than 10 years through the show. “Mam’s Table” … Read more