Pistons instead of coma – Kim appeared – politics abroad

After renewed rumors about Kim Jong-uns’s miserable state of health, new photos of the North Korea ruler allegedly appeared: The pictures show the dictator in a corn field with cobs – instead of in a coma. The dead obviously live longer … According to a senior South Korean diplomat, 36-year-old Kim was supposed to be … Read more

After his brother, Kim Jong Un, it was Kim Yo Jong’s turn to disappear from the public

PYONGYANG, KOMPAS.com – Brother of the Supreme Leader North Korea, Kim Jong Un, Kim Yo Young It has been 1 month since he has not appeared in public. Reported Chosun Ilbo, Last week, the National Intelligence Service told the National Intelligence Assembly Committee that senior Kim (Kim Jong Un) has left all affairs and power … Read more

South Korean sources say Kim Yo Jong may have taken over North Korea’s current power

PYONGYANG, KOMPAS.com – Little brother Kim Jong Un, Kim Yo Young, effectively reportedly replacing his brother’s position at North Korea, according to a trusted source from Seoul, South Korea, based on the statement of the South Korean Minister of Defense. Reported CNNIf it is true that the development has reached that far, then Kim Yo … Read more

Kim Jong Un reportedly fell into a coma while sharing power with his younger brother

PYONGYANG, KOMPAS.com – Supreme Leader North Korea Kim Jong Un reportedly in a coma. The claim was made by a former South Korean official amid reports that Kim Jong Un had shared some of his power with his younger brother, Kim Yo Young. Chang Song-min, a former aide to the late South Korean President Kim … Read more

“Kim Jong-un in a coma, the sister in charge of North Korea”

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is reported to be in a coma after passing some of his powers to his sister. This was stated in the South Korean press citing a collaborator of former president Kim Dae-jung. According to Chang Song-min, this is the name of the Seoul officer, “I am convinced that he is … Read more

Trump claims that if it weren’t for him, the US was already at war with North Korea

WASHINGTON DC, KOMPAS.com – Presiden AS Donald Trump claiming, if not for the leadership, they would have been involved now war with North Korea. The President of the Republican Party said it while mentioning his relationship with the Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un. “We could be at war if it was held … Read more

Sweden temporarily exports all diplomats from North Korea – Abroad – News

Many Western countries with embassies in North Korea, including Germany, the United Kingdom and France, have already exported workers, explaining the difficulty of ensuring staff rotation and supply during a pandemic. Sweden also represents the consular interests of the United States, Australia and Canada in North Korea. The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed … Read more

Kim Jong-Un Torture Camp Brutality, This Is A Confession of North Korean Fugitives

North Korea’s Central News Agency (KCNA), shows North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (two right) attending the inauguration ceremony of a fertilizer factory in South Pyongan Province, North Korea, Friday (1/5/2020). (Source: (AFP / KOREAN CENTRAL NEWS AGENCY VIA KNS)) SEOUL, KOMPAS.TV – As a country that is led by an iron fist, it is … Read more

Its nuclear weapons are known to be scary to the point of making America nervous, the North Korean military forces unexpectedly turn out to be dilapidated, even considered the weakest in the world, this is the reason

Sosok.ID – It is estimated that around 1.2 million members of the active military, make up its military forces. North Korea has 47.8 per 1000 members according to their population, a figure that is quite high among any country, even 10 times higher than the US. The numbers are difficult to pin down, but estimated North … Read more

Food Stocks Up, Kim Jong Un Hunting Pets for North Korean Elite Dogs to Be Served at Restaurants – All Pages

Sosok.ID – Not just residents, pets that live on North Korea also had a tragic fate. Reported Sosok.ID from the Daily Star, leaders North Korea has forbidden the elite to preserve dog. The ban was made following the thinning of food stocks in the country led by Kim Jong Un that. In a policy taken … Read more