Military pulse on the Korean peninsula

MSouth Korea maneuvers with the United States after North Korea tests a nuclear-capable underwater drone South Korea has released footage of joint military exercises with the United States, hours after North Korea announced it had tested for the first time a nuclear-capable underwater drone capable of generating gigantic radioactive tsunamis. In the military exercises, South … Read more

Chinese Expert Reveals North Korea’s ICBM Missile Can Hit the US in 33 Minutes

CNN Indonesia Friday, 24 Mar 2023 09:25 WIB Chinese experts say North Korea’s intercontinental missile can hit the US in just 33 minutes from launch. (AP/朝鮮通信社) Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Defense expert team China called an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) North Korea could hit the United States (AS) in just 33 minutes after launch. They … Read more

Hot! North Korea Launches Cruise Missile During US-South Korean Military Exercises

Jakarta – North Korea (North Korea) fired several cruise missile on Wednesday (22/3/2023). This is the latest launch to be made as South Korea and the United States conduct military training along with those criticized by North Korea. “The South Korean military has detected multiple cruise missiles launched into the East Sea by North Korea,” … Read more

US-China-Russia Clash Over North Korea at UN Security Council Session

New York – United States of America (USA) together China and Russia engaged in heated debate when discussing the matter North Korea (North Korea) at a Security Council meeting United Nations (UN) which was held on Monday (20/3) local time. The debate occurred when the three countries argued over who was to blame for North … Read more

Kim Jong-un oversees simulated ‘nuclear counterattack’, says he will ‘crush’ invaders – News

Kim Jong-un and his daughter witness a simulated nuclear attackSTR/KCNA VIA KNS/AFP – 19.03.2023 North Korean leader Kim Jong-un led two days of military exercises “simulating a nuclear counterattack”, which included firing a ballistic missile equipped with a “fake nuclear warhead”, it said on Monday. ) the North Korean state agency KCNA. Kim expressed his … Read more

Kim Jong Un: We are ready to retaliate with nuclear weapons

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un urged the country to be ready to carry out nuclear attacks at any time to deter war, accusing the US and South Korea of ​​expanding joint military exercises involving US nuclear assets, state media KCNA reported on Monday. Kim’s remarks came as the isolated country held exercises on Saturday … Read more

PD 3 signal from Asia, Kim Jong Un Ready to Use Nuclear Weapons

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un called on his country to be ready to carry out a nuclear strike at any time to prevent war. He accused the United States (US) and South Korea of ​​expanding joint military exercises involving American nuclear assets. Kim’s remarks came as the isolated country … Read more

North Korea has fired another ballistic missile over the Sea of ​​Japan

According to the South Korean military, Pyongyang launched the missile at 11:05 a.m. local time (3:05 a.m. CET). It rose to a height of 50 kilometers and flew about 800 kilometers before falling into the sea that lies between the Korean peninsula and Japan. Seoul called the missile test a clear violation of UN Security … Read more

North Korea with another missile test

North Korea fired a suspected missile into the sea on Sunday. This was reported by the Japanese Ministry of Defense and Coast Guard, quoted by AP. They did not provide further details. South Korean Army confirmed that North Korea had launched a ballistic missile rocket to its eastern waters. This will be the North’s third … Read more