Prevention of nosocomial diseases and new arrivals: The Covid

Patient safety week: nosocomial infections In France, around one in 20 people contract an infection while in hospital. This is called a nosocomial infection. Are considered as such, infections absent at the time of hospitalization of a patient, and which appear at least 48 hours after arrival. This represents around 750,000 * people infected per … Read more

Doctors there blame a hemorrhage, those in Iasi blame a nosocomial infection

A baby born prematurely died at the County Emergency Hospital (SJU) in Piatra Neamt. While German doctors claim that the little one died due to a hemorrhage, those from the “Cuza Voda” maternity hospital in Iasi, where his twin brother was transferred, indicate that it was an in-hospital infection.“The child brought from Neamt has Klebsiella, … Read more