Companies can download an informative “anti-ransomware” kit against threats in the digital world |

Ransomware or “data hijacking” in Spanish, has become one of the most dangerous and widespread cyberattacks in the world, through which criminals hijack files such as documents, databases, among others, with the aim of requesting a monetary ransom in exchange for the recovery of the information. After being affected by these malware, it becomes practically … Read more

Forza presents the keys to an efficient data center |

Forza Power Technologies, a manufacturer of reliable power solutions, analyzes the efficiency of Data Centers today and details different strategies to optimize energy use in these facilities. “Data centers enable the flow of information that our digital world depends on. However, such capacity also makes them one of the largest consumers of electrical energy, being … Read more

I See Red, de Whiteboards Games, gana en la Rogue Jam |

I See Red, the first video game developed by Whiteboard Games, the Neutron-accelerated digital entertainment development company from Argentina, won “Eye-Poppingly Beautiful” at Rogue Jam. In the Rogue Jam, created by the IGN portal and the Rogue Games studio, more than 650 games competed in five categories, which were evaluated by leading figures in the … Read more

Launch of the new Arcus 150T headset from PRIMUS |

PRIMUS, the brand made for Gamers and developed by Gamers, announces the new availability and the arrival in Argentina of the Arcus 150T, its headphones specially designed for the professional gamer, with features that allow you to capture every detail in the games, to achieve the best performance in the most challenging games. “Gamers know … Read more

Fintech and insurtech: the revolution in financial and insurance services |

At first glance, the terms Fintech e Insurtech they may be unknown, but the reality is that people are more related to their processes and innovations than they can imagine, since both are present in all applications, processes and products related to financial services and insurance. Specifically, Fintech companies employ advanced digital technologies to optimize … Read more

Some tips to extend privacy and security in Samsung Galaxy with One UI 4.1 |

No There is no privacy or security without a solid protection platform. That’s why Samsung implemented new security and privacy features of One UI 4.1 operating system1so that consumers can choose exactly what they want to share or keep under personal protection and management. In the latest version of operating system, One UI 4.1 introduced … Read more

Samsung Knox: The security platform that protects cell phones from cybercrime |

This integrated platform from Samsung Electronics provides layers of security at the hardware and software level to the South Korean brand’s devices, to shield the privacy and confidentiality of its users’ data and files. It is a valuable and indispensable resource to deal with the increasing sophistication of cybercrime It is not the common criminal … Read more

ESET: This is how it is explained if someone spies through the webcam |

More and more time is spent in front of a screen, be it a laptop, smartphone or other device, which often means being in front of a webcam. Many users rarely used this function, until the pandemic arrived and they were joined by students and collaborators who, confined from their homes, turned on their webcams … Read more

BIWIN Introduces HP EX900 Plus SSD |

BIWIN, a company specializing in the research, development, manufacture and sale of memory chip (IC) application products, announced the launch of HP’s EX900 Plus PCIe NVMe SSD in Argentina. “Our HP EX900 Plus SSD is a high-performance solution for gamers and professionals who need blazing-fast storage in their M.2 NVMe-enabled laptops or desktops. It has … Read more

McDonald’s brings the biggest FIFA competition |

Arcos Dorados, through its segment McDelivery, lands in the gaming world of esports and together with CocaCola, brings the FIFA22 Legacy Cup, the largest online FIFA tournament in Latin America and the Caribbean. It will be possibleParticipate in the event from 11 countries in the region and there will be more than 10,000 USD in … Read more