Dominika Gwit in a new version. Fans noticed the difference and are delighted with its appearance. “We’ve made our little one”

You can find more about the metamorphosis of stars in our box on Party at Gwit. School Edyta Zając and Robert Górski? Everyone is looking at his wife Dominika Gwit in many interviews she emphasized that she perceives negative comments about her weight and appearance with a grain of salt. She used to have … Read more

After 25 years… a naive mistake that no one noticed in the 21st episode of the series “I will not live in my father’s gown.”

A number of social media pioneers shared some pictures of scenes from the 21st episode of the series “I Won’t Live in My Father’s Jilbab” starring Nour El Sherif, Abla Kamel, Yasser Jalal and a number of other art stars, as it was shown nearly 25 years ago. A naive mistake that no one noticed … Read more

Blake Lively: this appearance noticed to celebrate the end of the travel ban in the United States

Actress Blake Lively, who has become a symbolic character of New York City thanks to the Gossip Girl series, released her most beautiful evening dress this Monday evening to celebrate the end of the travel ban in the United States. She was the guest of honor at an event at the Empire State Building in … Read more

An asteroid the size of a refrigerator passed close to Earth and no one noticed

Published: 31 oct 2021 07:42 GMT The fireball, identified as 2021 UA1, flew over Antarctica on October 24 at a speed of 57,000 kilometers per hour. An asteroid two meters in diameter, about the size of a refrigerator, step only 3,047 kilometers from the surface of our planet on October 24 without being detected by … Read more

‘The Squid Game’ revealed how the characters would die from the start and ‘no one’ noticed

The squid game is still among the most watched on Netflix more than a month after its premiere, and it is that the amazing South Korean story continues to reveal amazing mysteries around the plot and production, as well as certain curiosities that you may not know you noticed in the movie, for example the … Read more

There was a strange hidden object on Mars and Jupiter and we hadn’t noticed

The sky hides many things in plain sight. Things that, sometimes, to find them we need to use even 9 telescopes. That is what happened to astronomer Henry H. Hsieh, principal scientist at the Institute of Planetary Sciences in the United States, and his colleagues: this summer they found a strange object that was hidden … Read more

A frightening mass extinction happened 30 million years ago, and we just noticed it

The end of the Eocene epoch about 33 million years ago marks a period of great change on Earth. In a slow reversal of what we see today, temperatures have dropped and glaciers have stretched their icy fingers toward the equator. loss of life All over the Asian continent, it was deep. But it appears … Read more