The 2015 JCPOA Paves the Way for Iran to Build a Nuclear Bomb!

loading… TEL AVIV – Prime Minister (PM) Israel Benjamin Netanyahu warned the international community that a nuclear deal Iran 2015 or the JCPOA paved the way for Tehran to acquire nuclear bomb . He made his comments during a memorial service for Holocaust victims. “It is a weapon that threatens us with destruction,” said Prime … Read more

EZ started offering the same nuclear electricity, the contract was signed by a large construction group | Energy

Prague EZ Group has started offering nuclear power to end customers, said EZ Roman Gazdk. EZ ESCO signed a contract for the supply of a new product with its subsidiaries with the Eurovia CS building group, for the period from the end of the first year to the end of 2023. The customer will receive … Read more

The Russians plan to reach Jupiter or Saturn using nuclear energy

Lev Zilioni, scientific director of the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, announced that scientists are planning a trip to Jupiter, Saturn or Neptune using nuclear engines, currently designed in Russia. Zilioni said at a press conference, “We have started to dream of flying to the giant planets. We did not achieve … Read more

Take the first steps to rebuild Iran ‘s nuclear treaty / Day

Restore trust The agreement with Iran was one of the most significant achievements of the second presidency of US President Barack Obama. The treaty, forged by diplomats over years of negotiations, stipulated that Iran, which was unfriendly to the West, would give up efforts to acquire nuclear weapons in exchange for lifting billions that cost … Read more

Missiles in Call of Duty Warzone: the nuclear event is filtered and the result could not be more anticlimactic

After a long time waiting for the nuclear event in Call of Duty Warzone, this has been leaked for a bug. A great expectation had arisen around the Call of Duty Warzone gamer community. Everything indicated that the end of this season would give rise to a expected nuclear event that would turn Verdansk upside … Read more

The good news of the “fifty” … the first megawatt of the nuclear “barakah”

Vice President of the State: * The vision of the nation’s leader has ushered in an unprecedented stage of development Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi: * The great achievement comes within an ambitious national vision for the future His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, may … Read more

The Russian “nuclear tsunami” that the Kremlin has in the Arctic

Russia is amassing an unprecedented amount of military power in the Arctic. So the Kremlin decided to test its new military toys in an area that was recently stripped of its ice cover due to climate change. Weapons experts are already voicing concerns, especially about the torpedo called Poseidon. The development of the torpedo is … Read more

Iran calls condition for US on nuclear deal

Tehran does not intend to take steps towards Washington until all American sanctions are completely lifted. Iran has no plans to negotiate directly or indirectly with the United States at a meeting in Vienna on April 6, which will discuss a return to compliance with the terms of the nuclear deal, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister … Read more

China Has New God Level Nuclear Submarine, Turns Out April Fools’ Day Scam

The god-level submarine that China was rumored to have turned out to be just an April Fool’s Day. (Source: Naval News) BEIJING, KOMPAS.TV – China is rumored to have a new god-level submarine with a large nuclear weapon and the world is worried. Those concerns have escalated after China’s feud with the United States (US) … Read more

I have to catch Samsung Semiconductor… A look at the semiconductor issue of Hwang Jung-soo after the US nuclear bomb was thrown

WSJ “A US company is considering acquiring Kioxia in Japan” M&A may threaten the world’s No. 1 Samsung Electronics Expected to conclude a 33 trillion won contract in late spring Industry leading “virtually impossible to take over” analysisMicron, WD’s lack of cash holdings“Even if it is acquired, it will only be part of the stake” … Read more