US ready to use nuclear weapons to protect South Korea

The topic came up during Austin’s joint press conference with South Korean Defense Minister Lee Jong-seop in Seoul. “The United States is firmly committed to the Enhanced Deterrence Commitment, which includes the use of the full range of U.S. military capabilities, including conventional and nuclear weapons, as well as missile defense,” the U.S. Secretary of … Read more

Japan: shutdown of a nuclear reactor after a security alert

A reactor at a nuclear power plant in central Japan automatically shut down on Monday after its safety systems were triggered, said the plant operator and the Japanese nuclear policeman, who were trying to identify the origin of the problem. It was the activation of an alarm warning of a sudden decrease in the quantity … Read more

The newly discovered exoplanet may have nuclear fusion in its interior

An international research team has seen signs of fusion in the core of a distant planet. The exoplanet orbits the star HD 206893, which is 130 light-years away and about 30 percent larger than our Sun. The first observations of the planet were made using the Gaia space telescope. The telescope’s main task is astrometry … Read more

A rocket to Mars? Yes, for example nuclear

“With this technology, astronauts could travel to and from space faster than ever before — a significant capability in preparation for manned (human) missions to Mars,” said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson. The first test in four years “The ability to make leaps and bounds in space technology through the DRACO nuclear rocket program will be … Read more

Potentially dangerous space rock Itokawa proves very difficult to destroy (but a nuclear bomb can offer solace)

An analysis of three dust particles from Itokawa reveals that this is not the space rock to argue with. That’s what researchers say in the magazine Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. As stated, they are based on an analysis of dust particles from Itokawa. The dust particles were collected by spacecraft Hayabusa 1, … Read more

“The rise to the nuclear level is a possibility”. Agostinho Costa anticipates the next steps of the war

Yesterday at 11:06 Major General Agostinho Costa considers that “we are truly at a decisive point” in the war in Ukraine and defines two objectives: to prevent NATO from entering into direct conflict with Russia and to keep the conflict limited to Ukrainian territory. “The possibility of escalation is real,” he says. For Agostinho Costa, … Read more

Hungary will veto all nuclear sanctions

He called the completion of two units of the only Hungarian nuclear power plant, Paks, with the help of Russia, as crucial. The completion of the two blocks of the Paks nuclear power plant should be completed between 2026 and 2027. According to the Hungarian Prime Minister, sanctions do not help Ukraine and will not … Read more

Getting out of nuclear power and Greenpeace “slam the door” of the public debate on the atom

French Minister for Energy Transition, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, during a visit to the Chinon nuclear power plant, in Avoine (Indre-et-Loire), October 28, 2022. WILLIAM SOUVANT / AFP Empty chairs: the Nuclear Exit network and the NGO Greenpeace “slam the door”. lamenting “a democratic masquerade”, them two collectives hostile to the atom refuse to participate following the … Read more

NASA to develop nuclear propulsion rocket engine for manned flight on Mars | NHK

NASA = National Aeronautics and Space Administration jointly with DARPA, a research institute of the United States Department of Defense, to develop a “nuclear propulsion rocket engine” that uses heat generated in a small nuclear reactor for future manned flights to Mars, 2027 It has been announced that a demonstration test will be conducted in … Read more