Shocking brutality in Russia. Wagner raped little girls-

share Tweet In Novosibirsk, Russia, a Wagnerian raped two 4th and 5th grade students. The girls were 10 and 12 years old, respectively. According to local media, the perpetrator was waiting for the children near the school, where he started to threaten them with a gun. He forced the girls to go behind the garages. … Read more

He joined the Wagnerians. “I would like to know how he died” –

share Tweet As reported by the Belsat portal, the relatives of the mercenaries from the Wagner Group are not necessarily informed about their recruitment, and even more so about their death. Meanwhile, Yevgeny Prigozhin travels around the country and establishes the “Alley of Fame” of the Wagnerians killed in Ukraine. The same ones who often … Read more

Navalny’s daughter at an American university. Students are outraged –

share Tweet Georgetown University has invited the daughter of imprisoned Russian oppositionist Alexei Navalny to speak at the end of the academic year. This outraged students who did not want Daria Navalna, whose father often made controversial statements, to appear at their university. 22-year-old Daria Navalna is currently a psychology student at Stanford University. She … Read more

She noticed such a tattoo. The Russian woman could not give it –

share Tweet A Russian pensioner reported a bus passenger who allegedly had a tattoo of Ukrainian nationalist Stepan Bandera and Ukrainian national clothes. In fact, on the woman’s leg was actor Cillian Murphy, and her clothes are a simple dress. The incident took place in the Russian-occupied Crimea, on a bus that traveled from the … Read more

Tragedy in Czech tennis. He worked with leading players –

share Tweet Czech tennis is flooded with tears after the tragedy that happened to our neighbors. According to reports, Marek Vseticek, a coach who worked with top players and players, took his own life. Czech tennis mourns the death of Marek Vsetick. Tragic news shook the community on Thursday, when the media reported that Vseticek … Read more

An Australian uploaded his DNA into a database. The result shocked him –

share Tweet The Australian uploaded his DNA to a database and made a horrific discovery soon after. It turned out that his father was a double murderer who escaped from prison and assumed a false identity. William Leslie Arnold was only 16 when he killed his parents in 1958. He buried the body behind the … Read more

Tragicomedy. How long did the Russian bridge last after renovation? –

share Tweet In Zabaykalsky Krai in Russia, the wind once again destroyed the bridge over the Nercha River. Previous work had only been completed a day earlier. – Currently, the oblast authorities are doing nothing to secure the problematic footbridge – writes journalist Ksenia Sobczak. As Sobchak wrote, it is a bridge that connects the … Read more