Paper recycling, Italy reaches (and exceeds) EU objectives 15 years in advance – The report

Italy has reached the European target on paper recycling 15 years in advance: the goal of85% of the recycling rate, set for 2035, has already been reached this year. And, indeed, it has been surpassed by the 2,35%. The news is the Report of the National Union of Companies Recovery and Recycling Maceri 2021 on … Read more

From Ferrero and Loro Piana awards of 2,200 and 3,380 euros to employees for the objectives achieved

Reward your employees and encourage them to work better, recognizing their value and commitment. To do this, in addition to verbal commendations, there are production awards. These are remuneration bonuses to individual employees paid by choice of the employer or, in some cases, provided for by the national collective bargaining agreement for the achievement of … Read more

Juve, avoid the mistake of last season: clear words and objectives, the fans are tired

A feeling of helplessness, clearly dictated by the results. But an even more emptiness if we consider the weapons at Allegri’s disposal. It will be a very difficult season for Juve. And it started very badly. The good news, perhaps the only one, is that you can only get better from here. With Milan we … Read more

Dragonfly mission reveals its grand exploration objectives for Titan, one of the most Earth-like places in the Solar System

Published: 29 ago 2021 13:20 GMT This will be the first mission to closely explore the surface of this amazing world, which is covered in organic compounds. The science team for NASA’s first mission to study Saturn’s most intriguing moon Titan up close has revealed its main targets in an article in The Planetary Science … Read more

Creation, objectives and commercialization, this is the Spanish covid-19 vaccine

The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS), dependent on the Ministry of Health, authorized the first clinical trial of the COVID-19 vaccine, developed in Spain by the Hipra company. To launch the study, volunteers will be needed to test the vaccine, which is based on two proteins one corresponding to the alpha variant … Read more

New objectives for the Renault ecosystem in Morocco

As part of the development of the group’s activity in the Kingdom and of the entire Moroccan automotive industrial sector, Renault Group Maroc and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and the Green and Digital Economy have signed a agreement which sets new objectives for the development of the Renault ecosystem. This ceremony took place in … Read more

Pegasus Project, also Macron in the list of possible spied on. Among the objectives 14 heads of state and government. France opens an investigation

The French president Emmanuel Macron, the former Belgian Prime Minister and current President of the European Council Charles Michel and the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. If until now the scandal arose around The Pegasus Project it only concerned journalists, now the alleged case international espionage it widens to the maximums … Read more

“With results so far from the objectives, I would have been fired everywhere else”

Posted on Sunday, July 11, 2021 at 08:50 a.m. Through Yannick Goebbels The former player of Charleroi and Mouscron is not kind to the coach of Belgium, whom he considers “stubborn and narrow-minded”. The Belgian people dreamed of seeing the Devils reach the final. It’s been missed since their elimination against Italy in the quarterfinals. … Read more