Galtet: Goal obsession overwhelms Mbappe

Paris Saint-Germain coach Christophe Galtier has revealed his position on the team’s striker Kylian Mbappe wasting an easy opportunity due to selfishness during the Juventus match in the Champions League. Asked whether she congratulated Mbappe after scoring the two goals in Paris in Juventus, or pinched his ear because Neymar ignored the pass to make … Read more

Data and objectives of the Artemis mission to the Moon

First modification: 24/08/2022 – 17:34 Washington (AFP) – NASA’s Artemis 1 mission scheduled for Monday is a 42-day unmanned journey that will go beyond the moon and back to Earth. Some data and objectives of the mission Launch The giant Space Launch System (SLS) rocket will lift off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. … Read more

Government, Di Maio: “M5s creates instability and puts the country’s objectives at risk, whether they are inside or outside”

“As a country we need stability because we have to bring home measures that stop inflation, which allow families not to lose their purchasing power, which allow companies to reduce the cost of energy. And instead we find ourselves in the umpteenth fibrillation of the Government, in thenth crisis, in which there is a political … Read more

Reached the 45 objectives of the NRP, requested the second installment – Politics

All 45 goals and objectives indicated in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan for the first half of 2022 were achieved on schedule. The Ministry of Economy and Finance therefore sent the European Commission the request relating to the payment of the second installment of the funds. of the NRP with a total value of … Read more

The PCI-SIG announces the objectives of PCIe 7.0 x16…512 Gb/s

The PCI-SIG has published the specifications for the next generations of PCIe, including PCI Express 7.0. It is planned to double the data rate and its implementation is planned for 2025. Early parallel versions of PCI were capable of speeds of hundreds of MB/s. This performance was naturally suited to the graphics, storage and networking … Read more

Ukraine: Moscow, operation ahead up to declared objectives – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, June 03 – “The special military operation will continue until all the objectives declared by the Russian administration are achieved, including the denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine”. This was stated by the spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, as reported by Interfax. “A lot has been done in this area: … Read more

Falcone’s unprecedented prophecy: “The mafia does not miss objectives”

“There is no wrong murder, so far, within the Cosa Nostra. When he killed himself From the Church everyone said a historical mistake was made. Then they killed Chinnici, this too was a historical mistake, then they killed Cassarà and they said, another historical mistake. They weren’t wrong. They have always guessed the right moment, … Read more

the objectives of the Data and Statistics Strategy

Mupgrade the data governance system The new governance framework, which will enrich and strengthen the existing normative framework and take into consideration the organizational impacts linked to the centralization of data and statistics, will particularly facilitate understanding and access to data and guarantee its quality. It is mainly based on specific policies, standards and procedures, … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war, Conte a Draghi: “What country do we live in? Premier comes to Parliament to explain what the government’s objectives are”

“I don’t understand where the news is if the leader of the relative majority force says something obvious, that is, after two months of war the President of the Council confronts the Parliament before important trips such as those to Washington and Kiev ”, to report on“ what is the objective of the policy that … Read more

Swiss Post, SBB, Swisscom and Skyguide have generally achieved their objectives in 2021

In 2021, La Poste, SBB, Swisscom and Skyguide met the objectives assigned to them, despite the Covid-19 crisis. The consequences of the pandemic on these companies were less significant than a year earlier, the Federal Council noted on Friday in several reports. The number of passengers and the volume of goods transported increased again. This … Read more