EU, no masks on airplanes from 16 May. But for flights from Italy the obligation remains

Listen to the audio version of the article The restrictions on the front of the fight against Covid are still loosened. From Monday 16 May, the obligation to wear a mask on flights in the European Union falls according to the provisions of an update of the safety measures for travel, published by the European … Read more

Masks on the plane, no obligation in Europe but not in Italy

Italy runs on its own and once again maintains the prudential line that the government has adopted since the beginning of the pandemic. Draghi and his team have indeed announced that will keep in force the obligation of the mask for all citizens on flights to and from Italy, although the EU has decided to … Read more

Masks on the plane, on flights from Italy the obligation remains – Chronicle

From 16 May, starting with air flights from Italy, it will be necessary to wear a mask. The new Ecdc-Aesa (European Aviation Safety Agency) guidelines provide that “if the states of departure or destination require the use of masks in public transport, aircraft operators should require passengers and crew to wear a mask over 16 … Read more

Procurement Code, the obligation to provide for the social clause that protects workers in case of transfer to another company returns

In the procurement bill, thedry obligation, therefore no longer an alternative to the mere “faculty”, to include in the tender notices specific social clauses. Thanks to’amendment approved by the House Environment Committee, which amends the text passed by the Senate, it will no longer be one choice that of inserting formulas a protection who will … Read more

COE withdraws the obligation to present a vaccination certificate against COVID-19 upon entry to airports in Ecuador | Ecuador | News

The national Emergency Operations Committee (COE) decided to withdraw the obligation to present the vaccination certificate against COVID-19 when entering airports, at the national level, but to maintain the presentation of the document for non-essential activities. Juan Zapata, president of the national COE, mentioned this Thursday that the Ministry of the Interior has been asked … Read more

the economic interests behind the farce of the new obligation – Libero Quotidiano

Alessandro Sallusti 05 maggio 2022 Orders and counter-orders: down the masks, up the masks but only for employees of companies and private businesses as the government established yesterday. They all seem crazy to me and at this point it is really difficult to distinguish between science and politics. It works like this: I, a shop … Read more

Obligation of a mask at work, the updated rules in Emilia Romagna – Chronicle

Bologna, 5 May 2022 – Masks at work, is it mandatory to wear them or not? Yes, in the private sector, at least until June 30, in Emilia Romagna as in the rest of Italy. Trade unions, Inail, business organizations, ministries of Labor, Health and Economic Development have embraced the line of rigor in the … Read more

From May 1st stop the obligation to wear masks. On public transport and in closed events from 15 June. Farewell to the Passenger Locator Form

“With the approval in the House committee of the amendment to the last Covid decree in March, the obligation to use masks almost everywhere ends. They will remain mandatory indoors until June 15 in local and long-distance public transport, for shows open to the public in cinemas, theaters, entertainment venues and live music and for … Read more

the cases increase, it is reasonable to abolish the Green pass but not the obligation to wear a mask

The monitoring of the Gimbe foundation reveals, in the week 20-26 April, an increase in new cases in all Regions: 433,321 against 353,193 in the previous week, with 11 Provinces with an incidence greater than 1,000 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The occupation of the beds is stable in the medical area and slightly decreasing in … Read more

Albania temporarily abolishes the tourist visa obligation – the Russians will benefit

The Albanian authorities have decided to temporarily lift the visa requirement for tourists from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, India, Qatar, Oman, Thailand and Russia. This is related to the attempt to save the local tourism sector, which is responsible for 1/4 of the national GDP. It is worth remembering that Poles who want to go … Read more