Sisters of Octavio Ocaña join Neighbors after Benito’s farewell?

The actor’s family reacted to the emotional tribute to Octavio in the series By: Pauline Flowers APR. 02. 2022 Instagram: @berthaocaa Sisters of Octavio Ocaña join Neighbors after farewell to Benito Add us to your home screen to visit us easier and faster Add The season premiere of ‘Neighbors’ shook the sign of Las Estrellas … Read more

Octavio Ocaña case: 2 public servants removed from office for taking photos

The two public servants took photographs of the actor’s corpse. Photo: Cuartoscuro/Archive On around the case of death of the actor Octavio Ocana, the now former public servants, Marcelina “N” and Raúl “N”, paramedic and investigative police officer, respectively, they were separated from their charges for having photographed the remains of the actor, reported the … Read more

Octavio Ocana. Benito Rivers appears in new trailer for Neighbors

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 13.03.2022 23:01:20 The death of Octavio Ocaña has caused a stir among viewers, specifically in the followers of the popular series Neighbors. And it is that the actor had embodied the role of Benito Rivers since 2005, at the beginning of the series, so he began to wonder what would … Read more

Fans of Octavio Ocaña from Vecinos remember him with the trailer for ‘The wet towel 2’, they also send messages to César Bono | Famous

Frankie’s film becomes more relevant in season eleven of the comedy series, thanks to the possible production of the sequel to the film: ‘The Wet Towel 2’ Octavio Ocaña in the trailer for ‘The Wet Towel 2’ In chapter six, of the eleventh season of Neighbors, the trailer for what could have been ‘The Wet … Read more

They publish the last PHOTO with life of the actor Octavio Ocaña

Bertha Ocana, sister of Octavio Ocana, was the one who spread the last Photo of the actor still alive and in her company. The young woman wrote tender message where he told how was the last day he saw his brother before his unexpected death. In the caption, she explains that it was her birthday, … Read more

Nerea Godínez tattoos the face of Octavio Ocaña

Nerea Godinez, girlfriend of Octavio Ocana, used his social networks to show his recent tattoo on the left arm. The influencer shared the complete process of her new skin brand to the rhythm of the song The one with the cap 27. It’s about a tattoo inspired by the face of Octavio Ocana with a … Read more

Octavio Ocaña: out of shock, it is difficult for his companions to remember if he shot himself or not

Octavio Ocaña died at the age of 22 in October. Photo: Getty Images The Octavio Ocaña’s family lawyer, Francisco Hernández, announced that the people who accompanied him the day he died can’t clearly remember if the actor was shot or not. In accordance with the official version from authorities of the State of Mexico, Octavio … Read more

Declarations of companions of Octavio Ocaña would give a 180 ° turn to the investigation of his death, El Siglo de Torreón

A little over a month after the death of 22-year-old actor Octavio Ocaña, the circumstances of his death continue to be an issue that causes controversy, and it is that whoever was known for giving life to the character of Benito in the Televisa series “Neighbors “, he lost his life during a police chase. … Read more

Octavio Ocaña had an heir? His family reveals the whole truth

¿Octavio Ocana had a inheritor? More than a month has passed since the tragedy that took the life al actor Octavio Ocana, during a persecution with the police of the State of Mexico, rumors about his death continue, it was speculated that the interpreter of “Benito Rivers“he had left a will in which he appeared … Read more

Octavio Ocaña: what would be his last will and name of his beneficiary comes to light

The circumstances in which Octavio Ocana he lost his life at age 22 on October 29. Supposedly the actor accidentally shot himself in the head when his truck ended up crashing after being chased by police from Cuautitlán Izcalli, State of Mexico, who initially asked him to stop, although he ignored it. Now, a couple … Read more