Rochefort: the roof of an apartment building on fire, the occupants will be relocated (Photos)

A fire broke out on Tuesday around 6 a.m. on the roof of an apartment building on Place des Déportés, in Jemelle. The damage is significant. There are no injuries but the occupants will have to be relocated. According to our information, it is about twenty people who first found refuge in the Mullens room, … Read more

The police break down the door to save the occupants of the apartment on fire in Colfontaine

Another type of scam is developing in the region: that of the rearview mirror. The scammer accuses his “future” victim of having damaged his car. We must remain vigilant! – Boraine police Facebook photo By the editor Published on 03/03/2023 at 15:32 Very often, it is the elderly who are the preferred targets of this … Read more

At the Palais des Droits, the occupants face diseases that “Belgian doctors have never seen in their lives”

“The Belgian government must hear our stories”: who are the inhabitants of the Palace of Rights in Schaerbeek, the largest squat in Belgium? Since the end of October, a thousand asylum seekers have been squatting in a former Schaerbeek building of the FPS Finances, now ironically named Palace of Rights. These people survive in extreme … Read more

Two occupants of a wrong-way car on the A16 were known to the police | inland

Two occupants of the ghost-driving car that caused an accident on the A16 near Prinsenbeek (North Brabant) last weekend were known to the police. Sources report this ANP. Three people died in the accident. The 33-year-old driver from Tilburg and the 19-year-old co-driver from Drunen would have been involved in assaults before. They would also … Read more

He goes off track in Viana do Castelo, falls ten meters and almost goes to the river. Occupants escaped unharmed

A car with two occupants lost track, this Saturday, and fell from a height of about 10 meters, in the village of Barroselas, Viana do Castelo. The vehicle fell next to a bridge and was a few meters from the Neiva river, in an area close to the Seis34 nightclub. Despite the apparatus, the driver … Read more

The Palace of Rights should be emptied of its occupants in the asylum procedure: “We let them destroy themselves. We are more and more powerless”

A man died on Saturday “of natural death” at the Palais des droits, in Schaerbeek, the Brussels public prosecutor’s office confirmed on Thursday. Around 11.15 a.m., the local police and the emergency services found a lifeless body at 48 rue des Palais, in a former building of the SPF Finances which … Take advantage of … Read more

Car crashes off 300-foot cliff in California, occupants unharmed | Abroad

Miraculously, an American couple barely sustained any injuries from a fall from a 90-meter cliff in California. The couple’s car flew off the road and landed upside down at the bottom of the ravine. Cloe Fields (23) sat in their car with her boyfriend Christian Zelada (24) on Tuesday. As they drove onto the edge … Read more

Schaerbeek: the state of health of the occupants of 48 rue des Palais deemed overwhelming

The doctors identified several cases of tuberculosis, worrying cases of cutaneous diphtheria as well as a very large spread of scabies with a risk of secondary infection within the building. In addition, the findings indicate the suspected presence of additional undetected tuberculosis cases and increased risks for the development of pulmonary diphtheria cases and the … Read more

Occupants demolish multi-storey buildings in Mariupol / Day

“The Russians are demolishing high-rise buildings en masse in the city. This is evidenced by the satellite photos of the Maxar Technologies company. The houses where we once lived peacefully are becoming complete ruins. They are literally being lifted off the ground,” admitted the Mariupol City Hall The information at its disposal shows that 2,257 … Read more