Media: Goat escaped from farm accident in Ukraine accidentally injures at least 40 Russian occupiers – Animals – Nature and Animals

Representatives of Ukraine’s main intelligence service report that soldiers in the Russian armed forces provided “circular protection” by installing an explosives trap near a hospital in the village of Kinski Rozdoria in the Zaporozhye region. At that moment, a goat escaped from the local farm, which ran into the danger area and moved chaotically around … Read more

Became known the details of the missile attack on Odessa

Photo: Command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Russia continues to attack Odessa The invaders from the air and from the temporarily occupied Crimea are launching a massive missile attack on the south. In Odessa, as a result of shelling by Russian invaders, a security guard of a logistics food warehouse … Read more

Representative of the occupiers: Ukraine fired drilling rigs off the coast of Crimea

Ukraine army annexed by Russia Crimea The Russian occupiers’ embankment on the annexed Ukrainian peninsula, Sergei Aksyonov, said on Monday. Content will continue after the ad Advertising “This morning, the enemy attacked the drilling rigs at Chernomorneftegaz,” Aksjonov told the Telegram website, citing a Crimean-based oil and gas company. There were 12 people on the … Read more

The military medic alone grabbed the eight occupiers: he demonstrated this in a video

On one of the Russian and Ukrainian war fronts, a doctor managed to catch eight assailants at a time, UNIAN reports. Yuri Kochevenka, an officer in the 95th Separate Airborne Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, revealed the details of the incident on his Twitter account. “A new uniform has been brought to the armed … Read more

The occupiers attack Slovjanska, suffer damage near Kherson

Russia forces continue to attack Slovianskaibut have suffered significant losses in the Kherson region, informs in its daily statement Ukraine General Staff of the Armed Forces. Content will continue after the ad Advertising “In the direction of Slovjansk, the occupiers are making a major effort to continue the attack on Slovjanska. They are conducting reconnaissance … Read more

War in Ukraine: the occupiers in the Kherson region turn gray with fear and see a spotter in every grandmother

The Russian occupiers in the Kherson region suffer from the Armed Forces of Ukraine: they do not get out of the trenches, they turn gray with fear, and they see a spotter in every grandmother. This is evidenced by new telephone conversations of the Russian invaders, which were intercepted by SBU. Conversation of occupiers special … Read more

The occupiers in the Kherson region grant Russian citizenship to newborns

“Children born in the Kherson Oblast after February 24 will automatically receive citizenship of the Russian Federation,” said Kirill Stryemousov, a spokesman for the occupation administration. The occupiers will also give their passports to orphaned children. In the Russian-occupied south of Ukraine, the occupiers began issuing Russian passports to the population on June 11. The … Read more

The residents of Chersonia ignored the Russia Day show. The occupiers are preparing a provocation in the city

The inhabitants of occupied Chersonia ignored the celebration of the Day of Russia organized by the Russian occupation authorities on Sunday, says the portal Suspilne, citing representatives of Ukrainian local authorities. – Russia could not imagine greater shame. From Chersoń there were 30-40 people there – said Suspilny, the chairman of the oblast council, Oleksandr … Read more

Ukrainians blow up tank with occupiers (video)

Ukrainian paratroopers destroyed the tank along with the occupiers, reports UNIAN. Nikolaev’s paratroopers continue to inflict daily damage on the attackers. This time, the enemy’s equipment and ammunition were destroyed. This was reported by the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. She shared a video from the battlefield. The footage shows two shot down … Read more

The occupiers launched a missile attack in the area of ​​Zaporozhye airport

At night, the occupiers launched a missile attack on the area of ​​Zaporozhye Airport (OZH). About it reported Defense Forces of the Zaporozhye Territory. Russian terrorist troops continue to cynically violate the norms of International Humanitarian Law and the rules of war. Rashists launched a missile attack on the Zaporozhye airport on the night of … Read more