What if the “technological singularity” occurs as early as 2030?

Recently, a company specializing in translation claimed that the phenomenon of “technological singularity” was going to happen very soon. However, this declaration is rather daring insofar as until now, the concept does not yet have exact criteria. How to define technological singularity? First mentioned in the 1950s, the notion of technological singularity received a precise … Read more

A bus accident occurs in Germany: Belgian children, who had gone to snow class, were on board

A group of pupils from a primary school in Liedekerke, East Flanders, were stranded in Germany after a bus accident on their way home from snow class, we learned on Wednesday. The children were taken care of in a sports hall. Pupils from the Den Top primary school in Leeuw-Saint-Pierre were also on board. The … Read more

Explosion of cases of patients with Vitamin D deficiency. Why it occurs and how it can be corrected

More and more patients, especially women, find out from the analyzes that they are facing a deficiency of Vitamin D in the body. Although the finding is not reassuring, the role of the “sunshine vitamin” in the body being important, there are explanations for this fact, as well as solutions for correction. The level of … Read more

5 Facts of Diamond Rain that Occurs on the Planet Neptune

Talking about solar system and everything in it is indeed something that always invites admiration. Especially with the various kinds of natural phenomena that also exist on every planet. If on earth there may already be rain of water, but it is different for the planet Neptune which has rain of diamonds. Rain diamond which … Read more

Check it out now! This condition that occurs in the ear can be a harbinger of a dangerous disease.

Millions of people die every year due to insidious heart diseases. Therefore, it is vital to protect our heart health and to diagnose heart diseases early. Although the symptoms of heart diseases are generally thought to occur in the heart, researches explain that they also show different symptoms. Changes in the ear can warn about … Read more

Diabetes Occurs because of Excess Sugar Consumption, Really? Page all

KOMPAS.com – Diabetes often associated with consumption sugar excess. The fact is consuming too much sugar will not cause diabetes type 2 directly, although they are related. Quoted from Lifestyle Asiadiabetes actually consists of type 1 which is caused by genetics and environmental factors, as well type 2 diabetes which is caused by many factors, … Read more

Merak Harbor Closed Due to Extreme Weather, Vehicle Piling Occurs at All Piers

CILEGON, KOMPAS.com – PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) Merak Branch decided to temporarily stop the Merak – Bakauheni crossing service due to extreme weather in the Sunda Strait. The closure was made after a request from the Region VIII Banten Province Land Transportation Management Center (BPTD) as the authority since 16.00 WIB. “Based on weather … Read more

Pay attention to this symptom: 1 week before the stroke occurs!

43% of stroke survivors experienced the same symptom 1 week before the event! Take your precautions in advance. Failure to respond quickly and effectively to stroke increases the risk of stroke. Because the stroke develops suddenly, it can be difficult to intervene. However, according to research on stroke, the person who will have a stroke … Read more

Cancer in electronic cigarette smokers occurs earlier – 12/11/2022 – Equilibrium

The use of electronic cigarettes increases the chances of cancer and, in addition, the diagnosis of the disease occurs almost 20 years earlier than in conventional smokers. This is what a retrospective study conducted by American universities suggests, based on information from 154,856 patients collected between 2015 and 2018. The unprecedented research, published in the … Read more